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Lebanon, Sudan and Others..!!

Lebanon: a Brain-Dead country

The Lebanese “superiority syndrome” may push them to believe that they are the smartest people on the face on this planet. It may even push them to fall victims to the anecdote that God has been so generous with them to make them the perfect country on the face of this earth, but since nothing is perfect, God gave them the worst neighbors, which is why they ended up in this worthless situation.


Superiority Syndrome is not limited to Lebanon, but to most Arab Countries.. This comes in various terms, published or hidden.. Only Oman, Bahrain, Libya and Morocco had abandoned the hysterical competition.. Otherwise; all are Unique, Ideal, Mighty, Smart, Attractive, Historical, Prosperous or Rich.. This is why Arabic Spring falls apart, unable to sustain any meaningfulness..!!!

Moonfleet Eldai In Lebanon for sure there is this thing. I have experienced the condescension of their superiority so much.

As a Sudanese however do you think we suffer from this syndrome too ? Like you know our reputation as humble and simple people place as somewhere further away from Superiority Syndrome and I agree, the closest I have seen to us are teh Omanis.

Sorry my Friend.. We "unspeakingly" believe that we know better, think better, much smarter, more religious and more brave.. We care less for any social or behavioral or protocol or fashion trends if not ours.. We ignore and never try to understand why a husband and wife should walk shoulder to shoulder.. We have our choice of colors (sharp), Arabic tongue (non-understandable by native Arabs), destinations (always do prayers to the east) and definitions (Marxism doesn't violate Islam)..

We nomad-alike hide our ego and contradictions under thick layers of good village-manners and un-urban faithfulness.. When Urbanity stormed our lives in 1980th, an illiterate money broker married a lawyer-daughter of Chief Justice..!! When politics ruled, a proud Janjaweed Leader sold his daughter to Dibi of Chad for $24 mln.. Yet we claim manly, honorable and non-materialistic..

However, Malaysians and Sudanese behave alike, never tell the other what we truly think or feel; therefore we both are always decent, lovable and trustworthy.. yet hardly innovative or reliable for progressive accomplishments..!!!
We are resistant to integral and comprehensive change..
Sorry buddy; you had just triggered my heartache, and others' curses...!!

If Robert Fisk had described Lebanon as a Rolls Royce with "Square" tires.. Sudan is another with no tires..!!

Moonfleet Eldai Hahahaha uncle Adil, that heartache, not at all. I see that most of the folks from my generation and perhaps even including myself, we are not very nationalistic or particularly proud of Sudan at this time, but perhaps rather more fond of the times the elder generations are reminiscent of. Today the Sudanese diaspora is widely spread around, my inquisitive mind shows me patterns of behavior and value systems that are very distinct between inland and offshore Sudanese. That was striking when I was doing my studies, the folks coming from Sudan were kind of totally different than us in their approach to life and studies.

It will be great to see a comparative dialog/research done in Sudanese migration and integration world-wide.

If we don't tell the others what we truly think or feel that doesn't put us on the same wagon, remember, you have to utter it in order to be incriminated or exonerated, if it was kept within yourself that doesn't

Jehad Makhoul Despite all statistics Lebanon remains the most intriguing country in the whole of the middle east. With limited resources and huge differences among its people, Lebanese manage their way to dazzle worldwide! No other country in the whole world with such limited resources could have endured thirty five years of civil war, occupation by Palestinians, Syrians and Israelis and remained intact. With a barely equipped army and police force, limited financial resources and many differences, Lebanon stands and the Lebanese create their own opportunities and mostly excel! Yes it is intriguing.

Most of the people of my generation and the older, were simply noisy.. Big mouths and words rather than deeds.. Twisted concepts, imaginary patriotism, paradoxical practices and great schizophrenia.. The contradictions between our factual national chronicles and the idealistic national struggles, as given in historical and geopolitics tales..

Yet, my generation had managed to make bigger banners and appealing slogans, as if they had done and achieved the unthinkable; while they had done nothing in any decent analysis..!!

The development we had delivered were product of industrialization rather than planning.. The high ratings were resultant of humble demands, cheap resources, and non-stressfulness.. Regretfully, across the 3rd world (including Sudan and other Arabs) no fair assessment was made to critic the baseless claims of achievement..
By definition; Achievement is confrontation against seizure or stress.. We had got our independence by a signature of Nasser, not by our blood.. This is where our own patriotic history is fake and false.. yet, nice songs to repeat..!!

Both Generation Z and Millennia are not nationalistic by definition; while strive in their endeavor for quality and recognition to upgrade their nations are 1st intakes.. Patriotism has now different meaning and taste all together.. This is not Sudanese, but inevitably global..

I had called, and subsequentially abandoned political activism, for practical code of politics rather than demonstration and publications (which by definition trigger great enthusiasm by playing hide & seek with authorities).. Predicting the Diaspora to be the password for the future and the good governance..

Therefore, I fully feel, understand and endorse your words.. Good Luck

Moonfleet Eldai Your words put things in a excellent luminance.

The brilliance of Lebanese culture and people is notable, except for who are more affectionate with the Lebanese downtown-girls.. Maybe our shallow chronicles had only traced some few media and entertainment persons.. The great bloc of Lebanese pioneer technology, academics and management; with exceptional professionalism and efficiency..

Challenges of resources, war and politics had created a culture of opportunists, which had put the normal wrongdoings on loudspeakers.. Regional and global politics had turned the atmosphere into hatred and bigotry, deepening cult and sectarian differences and divides..

The Lantern of Levant lost most of its candles.. Yet; Lebanese are unique, with a distinct heritage of their own; which only became a bloody burden when affiliated to the others..!!

It was my dream to retire some where; overlooking the Lebanese Mediterranean..

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