Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Deadly Combination

Across the region from Morocco to Dhaka, during the last three years, a pattern had emerged and flagged out; justifying the failure of attempts to changes both Rulers and Roles..

There is a deadly combination in most of 3rd world countries, which hinder their potentials and waste their capabilities:
0.5% Wealth Tycoons +
0.5% ill-Politicians +
0.5% Fame Seekers +
0.5% Media Mongols +
0.5% Corrupt Administrators +
0.5% ill-Law Officers +
0.5% ill-Preachers +
0.5% Criminals +
0.5% Unemployed +
0.5% Stunt Youth =
100% Sustainable Uncontrollable Chaos

Check around how this 5% overwrites all wishes, dreams and rights of the common public..!

Bear with me:

0.5% of Wealth Tycoons; who are driven by total greed
0.5% of Politicians; who concern of their personal gains 
0.5% of Fame Seekers; who believe they are smart to be known
0.5% of Media Mongols; who only keen on their down-link rating 
0.5% of Administrators; who are corrupt and careless for public interest
0.5% of Law Guardians; who adore the power attributes
0.5% of Preachers; who use their title to master the illiterates
0.5% of Criminals; who are addicted to the ruthlessness 
0.5% of Unemployed; who have nothing else to do
0.5% of Stunt Youth; who are frustrated by their own helplessness


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