Sunday, October 6, 2013


Matrimony is the most sacred practice of Mankind.. Despite the notions of breading, mating or intimacy, true mystery of matrimony is only known by Aallh swt.. Therefore, addressing all related issues had to provision for the unknown aggregates and the non-comprehended details..!

During the last couple of decades; the matter of (Polygany) had got lots of debates and noises.. The active Muslims, particularly in the Western hemisphere; had inevitably brought the subject for open discussions and research.. However, (Polygamy) is wrongly and widely used as a term; which means multiple spouses for a single mate, regardless of the sex.. Most dictionaries don’t address the true term (Polygany), defining the multiple females for a single male spouse..  Muslim, Mormons, some other Christians, some indigenous people in Africa already acknowledge (Polygany) as a lawful matrimony practice.. Notably, most of the living species practice (Polygany) in some way or another..!

Polygany is not odd, nor norm.. It is not compulsory nor discretionary.. Polygany is spontaneous rather than rationale.. It is a simple application to promote, support and celebrate the livelihood.. The overwhelming discussions would only develop discomfort and confusion over an application that is related to circumstances, capabilities and taste.. Regretfully, most enthusiastic ones would find themselves either lack supporting rationales or been heavily scrutinized by the monogamists.. Thus, the whole Islamic belief is unintentionally reduced to relevant details on housing, socialization and mating..!

The link below was my conclusion of an intensive research; which had avoided the use of the Quranic verses, but explored the true Islamic context.. Certainly, the (few) associated conditions with (Polygany) are widely ignored; and often replaced by material resourcefulness.. The majority of the polyganous practices certify disgraceful episodes of unspoken domestic abuse, unrest and sometimes violence.. This injustice would never interpret or serve Islam or Muslims..!

The true context would define (Polygany) as a progressive tool to enhance and empower the Muslim family; and the Muslim Community.. The least added values would be physiological relief and psychological comfort; which would affect both parties.. The optimum added values would be social sustainability, demographic strength and political immunity..!

Certainly (Polygany) is affiliated to acceptable level of bread-earning resources; in order to reasonably host two families or more.. Sharing a husband is not associated with sharing a house or any other facilities.. Muslims are religiously advised (by Quran and Sunnah) to mind their way of doing things, and avoid challenging their own selves..!

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