Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Turkish Destinations


 Since visited Istanbul, the love of this Metropolis had invaded my heart.. It is an hour flight to most Europe.. It is the kick start of Orient Express.. The leader of the Euroarians.. The hub for mythical Islam.. The land of contradictions and matches as well.. The paradox of facts and necessities..!!
The living mystery of history and future..
It is the non-Arabic Islam in its utmost flourish..

No wonder that thousands of visionaries had chosen to reside.. 
For my retirement inshallah, I had chosen the guardian on northern intake of the Bosporus: Rumeli Feneri or Anadolu Feneri..
You all will be most welcomed.. inshaallah..

Rumeli Feneri
Anadolu Feneri

The Dream Turkish Home

Istanbul.. Istanbul..



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