Thursday, October 10, 2013

What if I Take off My Hijab?

 "I had too much pity and I took off the hijab to visit her. Since that moment, I’m living a double life: I wear the hijab in the city where I live and take it off to visit my parents. I feel so hypocritical, but every time I tried to visit them wearing hijab, they refused to let me in their home...."

It is a million dollar question that no final or "Acceptable" answer is given.. There are great differences between an answer to be accepted by the middle eastern "emotional" mindset, and the one to meet any other "Rationale" mindset.. Let's be frank and clear; without the typical fears or attires..!

Hijab is not the attestation of the belief; but a tool for modesty.. It compliments tangible and intangible theological issues.. It draws identities of both community and individuals.. It enables unspoken set of close, intimate and personal abbreviations..

Hijab was never a solely hallmark of Islam.. Across all beliefs and religions, Hijab is a statement of sacred practice and envision of life..

Islam was never meant to exhaust its believers in unnecessary confrontations instead of the continuous acknowledgement of the Mighty Creator swt.. This is in both public and private venues and events.. Muslims are advised to avoid wasting time and energy in nonsense, and focus on progressive matters and ways to enforce the belief rather than defending it..

If we look to the matters from the point of view that once AbdulMutalib had put prior to Islam; that the House has its own God to protect.. We shall invest all resources to empower, strengthen and understand.. rather than defend, protect or shield.. Then, all practices will be gauged by the inner sense rather than the policing one..

Allah swt looks into your heart.. measure your brightness.. and is pleased by your sincerity.. Anything else, including Hijab, Bear or Turban is just a compliment.. If ones inner is empty, what any custom would do..?

This is not a call to take off the Hijab.. but to realize that to live with or without is not the problem.. nor the true wrongdoing.. A True Muslim Believer would magic the senses of all surrounding people; to witness the belief not the believer..!!

Got it..?

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