Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Angola vs. Muslims..

Every Tom, Deck and Harry speaks on the "Angolan War Against Islam".. As usual, no one searches roots, truth or facts..!! Then everyone of the 1.2 bln would cry against "Unfair" Islamophobia.. Then "Conservative" Muslim Funds will flood into those "Helpless" 90,000 Angolan Muslims, followed by "Unemployed" Jihadists..

What a mental chaos we experience..!!

Notably, all main media had ignored this overwhelming story..
Now, someone would say: A Global conspiracy..!!

The Greatest Enemy for Islam and Muslims is their own Islamic Media.. Spreading false and unauthentic news is only fueling hierocracy, anarchy and hooliganism among the 80% illiterate, poor and hopeless Muslims..!!

I keep calling for governance, integrity and consciousness to form the code of conduction and professional ethics among Muslim Media Professionals, who are mostly "Unmuslim"..

Unmuslim is my term for those Muslim who their Islam is barely a word of mouth.. not a mindful or a heartful.. They are not Infidel or apostate but "intentionally" hypocrite...

As how swiftly this photo spread, it had been silently removed

Angolan Official Denies Islam Ban, But Muslims Say Mosque Closings Persist

on November 26 2013 5:23 PM

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