Friday, November 22, 2013

Arabic Islamic Civilization

I do not endorse associating Islam to Arabic Civilization, unless associating Christianity to European one.. Hindu to Indian, Buddhism to South Asian, Jewish to American or Communism to Soviet..!!

Religions are Codes of Ethics, which would generally advise on behavior, obligations and integration.. They appreciate hard sincere effort, they endorse peaceful social values and recommend law and order..

Islam may includes intellectual guidelines and glimpse of scientific merit.. which some brilliant Muslim scholars had taken to the next level of understanding, knowledge, innovation and "useful" creativity..

Islam has set a restrict code on time, not to be wasted in non-useful efforts or activities.. Muslims are compulsory obliged to witness Allah swt in all their thoughts, deeds, and activities..

This why all Civic Properties were attached to Mosques..
Not the vs. versa as many would think..!!

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