Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Kid-Imam Joke..

Photo: 9-Year-Old Imam Fascinates Worshippers. For more details: http://ow.ly/rCmbp
 AMMAN - A nine-year-old Imam has fascinated worshippers during last Friday's prayer at a mosque in Jordan where hundreds of Jordanian Muslims flocked to the mosque to attend his sermon, Emirates 24/7 reported on Monday, December 9.
"Allah granted me the gift of memorizing the holy Qur’an,” Anas Al Shatti, 9, told Arabic language Al Dostor newspaper earlier this week.
“This is a gift and a responsibility I pray to Allah to help me preserve it."
The young preacher's sermon followed repeated calls from his neighbors to his father to let Anas preach on Friday's prayer, citing his unique talent.
Anas, who spent many years in reciting the holy Qur’an, has accomplished reading several Shari`ah books at this age.
Islamic authorities in the Hashemite Kingdom have given him the green light to preach his first-ever sermon at Al-Ibrahimi Mosque in the capital Amman three days ago.
Regardless what he memorizes.. This WRONG..!!
The most stupid ill-ritual I ever imagined..
Whoever cheers for this fantasy, either ignorant or stupid..
It seems that Muslims had already lost the core spirit of Islam..
It is not a game, nor a fun to "Imam" fellow Muslims; yet some people are fanatic enough to invent their own fantasy.. The promoters share the guilt more than the performers themselves..
The promoter (OnIslam) is a hi-traffic web site.. I had followed them for few months, and it seems a decedent to (Islam online) which was created by AlQaradhawi in late 1990th.. The site, as per its own description, belongs to a (suspicious-Muslim-Brotherhood) Egyptian NGO, which host lots of skillful journalists and outspoken advocates and enthusiastic Muslims..!! However, their contacts, editors and management are not public..!!

It is a skillful open-source for all writers in all languages, with state of the art of journalistic tactics to feed and grow their readers-base.. The nature of the chosen topics are attractive and appealing to lots of people, yet, lots of the promoted ideas and subjects are twisted from the (righteous) Classical Islam..

They spread hatred to others within their soft talk about religious tolerance and integration.. They Allow for fabricated news to go viral, while exaggerate both atrocities and achievements of Muslim livelihoods.. They focus on the controversial issues, which are appealing to new generations, relaying on preachers without (classical) accreditation.. It simply promotes a new Islam..!!

I maintain my subscription with them to keep a track on how deteriorated Muslim media is evolving.. yet, I recommend to all honest and sincere Muslims to avoid..!!

From their FB page:

OnIslam.net is an independent website that emerged out of an initiative by the team that created and run IslamOnline.net for the past 10 years, after the idea had been embraced by a group of people with experience in the field of civil society work in Egypt. This project was launched in August 2010 (Ramadan 1431 A.H.) under the umbrella of Mada Media Development Association, a non-profit civil society institution born in Egypt with a global outlook.

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