Monday, January 6, 2014

Building a Nation

The spiral hot debates on Nation Building is synonymous to most of the underdeveloped countries. Their Young Generations enthusiastically want to avoid the pitfalls of the older ones; while the Older Generations search an address for their life-time efforts..

Spring Movements among Arabs, Persian, Turkish, Thai, Senegalese, Kenyan, Kyrgyz, Indian and Bengali symbolize the facts about human unification and identity. The quest for better livelihood is a common wish-list among Mankind, regardless of religion, geography and economy..

The debates are furious with no agreed formula for the future. Intellectual, Executives and Lobbyists are exercising all means in the control-game. Modern wealth structures created great appeal for politicians to monopoly and benefit..

This illustration is my own combination of Estates and interpretations. Man can't be defines apart from his community, and vs versas..

At any society, the Sociopolitical Structures can't be defined apart from the Epistemic Foundations..

This may would enable to reduce the debate, from principles into vocabularies; which in turn would reduce the time required to reach an agreement..

Yet, Mankind is legendary fond of arguments..!

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