Friday, January 17, 2014

Debeautification of a City

An Urban Breakthrough, Controversy or Misspell..?
I recall Dr Omar Bin Sulaiman's concept to subsurface the road to create a connected public space between the sides of this very hotspot.. This 2km is one of the most celebrated high-streets worldwide.. An Urban Authority should interfere to uproot such engineering foolishness.. Transit and congestion solutions should not be apart from Urban Planning.. This is a heart-aching petty to lose an urban icon for engineering and infrastructure wrongdoings..!
People should know that Roads' planning is architecture, not engineering..!!

 "Dubai plans double-decked highway"

A series of projects are in the pipeline to ease congestion in Dubai, including plans to add a second deck to Sheikh Zayed Road
Running from Dubai’s creek in the north of the city, through to the industrial Jebel Ali Port area, the highway’s second deck could stretch up to 35 kilometres, MEED has reported.

A feasibility study is already underway and the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has invited firms to take part in a design competition to transform the road, which is known as 'E11' throughout the UAE.

The super highway is the pulmonary artery of the top Gulf destination, which spans seven lanes in each direction for the majority of its length – from northern emirate Ras Al Khaimah (where it is known as Sheikh Muhammed bin Salem Road) to UAE capital Abu Dhabi, where it is known as Sheikh Maktoum Road.

Consultants have been invited to submit proposals, which will be accepted on March 25 this year. The first prize is AED 1 million (US $272,272) with second and third prizes at $204,000 and $136,136 respectively.

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