Monday, January 20, 2014

Polygamy vs. Polygany

Despite how the terms are controversial and debatable among all humans; my exploration for the reactions had taken me to many web groups.. There, I had read for both enthusiastic and opponents; whereas each had exercised all intellectual tools to advocate for their views.. An example is the Facebook group: Islamic Polygany (Ameican Muslim)

Basically, the misconceptions between polygamy and Polygany are considerably great.. This would describe the greatness of both epistemic divide and intellectual spiral as well.. It was notable that the general public can't absorb the different terminologies, and accept what the media had accustomed for; which would shake the religious content and faith.. Thought-Leaders are generally short to understand and adequately comprehend or react..

There is a great deficiency in understanding the Polygany concept, code and regularities.. With no need to walk through Shariah details, attempts to insert the practice within the legal code is likely a failure.. Therefore, enthusiastic would counter any critique by plain Quran verses or Hadeeth, with almost no understanding of the given words..
Kindly refer to my earlier post on legitimacies of Polygany

Within the worldly typical and traditional patriarchic mindset, men and women around the world share similar perceptions.. Polygany for most men is "sexual" extravaganza rather than social code.. It is cordially associated with masculine supremacy, tangible tyranny and materialistic likeliness.. There is no place among Polyganists for professional, intellectual or working women except in rare cases.. Certainly there is no place as well for ugly, special-needs or mothers as well.. Polygany is lawfully practiced in most Muslim-coded countries, and among Muslim groups in lawfully monogamous coded others (where they break or twist the laws)..

For women; accepting Polygany is either extreme demonstration of devoted Islamization among non-Arab Muslims, or emotionally driven attempts for matrimony among aging youth..!! Notably, female appreciation to Polygany is wider among rural and poorly developed communities, wherever they are.. In Africa, Polygany is not restricted to Muslims, but a wider social code.. On parallel; it is extremely hilarious to read comments from those enthusiastic Muslim females on Polygany, which indirectly extend the male views.. Promoting unexplainable images and tales about Polyganous livelihood is just adding fuel to the harsh skeptics about Muslims Practices..

Certainly, from my Muslim view; promotions for Polygany as a Muslim practice is welcomed, yet the need to upgrade the knowledge base and epistemic foundations are important to keep it sustainable, rationalized and acceptable.. In today's world, conceptual frames are guardians for material practices.. This is what the Muslims lack and need to comprehend..

This is one of few civic issues that generally distinct Muslims; which most Muslim scholars avoid addressing: Lending Interest (فوائد الاقتراض), Profit/Loss sharing (مشاركة الربح والخسارة), Capital/Limb Punishment (عقوبة الاعدام وقطع الأطراف), Complici
ty Penalty (عقوبة المشاركة), Caliphate (الخلافة), Reverse Conversion (الردة), Gender code (القوامة على الإناث), Polygany (تعدد الزوجات), Curatorship (الوصاية), Voluntary Possession (ملك اليمين)..

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