Friday, February 21, 2014

الريادة في السودان

الغنماية (أردنية) التي توجت ملكة جمال الغنم في قاعة الصداقة

العادات والتقاليد لا تنشأ قسراً ، بل تتوالد عفوياً ، لتعبر عن التوافق الجماعي بين الناس والبيئة والمحيط ، وكثيراً منها يتوالد ويتراكم دونما مبرر منطقي ، بل على العكس يكاد أن يتناقض مع الحس السليم ، وهذا هو دور الريادة المدنية والشعبية ، في استمالة النفوس والعقول من أجل التغيير الواجب ، هكذا تطورت الانسانية وتعافت ، وهذا كله يتسق مع المنطق والعلم والموهبة

 لكن المؤسف أننا أمة بغير مفهوم متفق عليه وو
اقعي للقيادة ، ومفردات الريادة لدينا تتعلق يأشياء كثيرة عدا الجكمة والكفاءة والصلاحية ، ولذا تصدح أفواة كثيرة بغير الحق ويتبعها قطيع كبير بغير تردد وينأى عنه نفر قليل ممن أصطفى المنطق السليم ، ثم يتشارك الجميع صفوة وجموع ورعاع في البكاء والنحيب والجدل على الحليب المسكوب
صار الأمر الفعلي يتطلب بناء الريادة وليس بناء الأمة وفي هذا تفرد كعادة أهل السودان

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A School Desk

More than 25 years ago, I had supported the efforts of Save The Children in Haj Yousuf camp for IDP (Internal Displaced People).. I remember my design for a simple class desk, which was assembled by a veteran welder at AlHella AlJadidah..
At that time we produced around 50 for the mobile classrooms I had designed too.. Then I fled Sudan with no return..
Once a friend told me how my design is used all over Africa by NGOs.. Today, I found it by mere coincidence.. Certainly, no intellectual property to claim, even so, such contribution is the true claim..

I'm extremely thankful for such unprecedented opportunity..

The same image still bright in my memory for someday of 1991
Kids are the same everywhere, whenever and whatsoever..
 my eyes are tearful, yet my heart is joyful..

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine Day

True Muslims would believe in "Love" more than anyone else..
Almighty swt, had warned the disbelievers if not come back to senses..
He swt would replace them with people He swt "Loves"; and they sincerely "Love" Allah swt..

 Therefore; Musli...
ms feels embraced to share the "Valentine Day"..
It is; as how it is now; a celebration of intimacy; which Islam defines as private and modest.. 

 The Valentines of AD 500 were advocates and fighters for "Social Love" as interpreted in equality, justice and fair opportunities..

 However, celebrating the day as a "Humane" one, adds value to today's billions who can't cordially enjoy "Love"; socially or privately..!!

 Regretfully, we don't "Love" anymore; therefore we have extremists and terrorists every-where, in every-religion and in every-culture..!

Merry Valentine Day Everyone..


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Evolution Debate

It is time for Religions to Accept Evolution..?

Despite how interesting such topic and discussion; yet structurally, religions are not man-made to be challenged by man-creativity.. Religions in fact bridge the gap between our intellectual and epistemic platforms..

Evolution is 99% scientifically proven, yet that 1% is more than just required efforts and intelligence to prove, but the acceptance that Creationism manipulates the coherence of Epistemia..

Not all concepts worth debating, although how worth exploring..

I wonder; why no one debates the Jain followers, who are 99% educated, form great portion of Indian technocrats and scientists, yet doubtlessly believe that the Earth is flat..!!

This is simply the incomprehensive debates.. Man needs at the dawn of 3rd millennia not to address everything, but wisely to choose issues of progressive concern..

This map holds the main key for answers.. and confusions..!


Mating and Breeding carries the confusion burden..!