Sunday, February 16, 2014

A School Desk

More than 25 years ago, I had supported the efforts of Save The Children in Haj Yousuf camp for IDP (Internal Displaced People).. I remember my design for a simple class desk, which was assembled by a veteran welder at AlHella AlJadidah..
At that time we produced around 50 for the mobile classrooms I had designed too.. Then I fled Sudan with no return..
Once a friend told me how my design is used all over Africa by NGOs.. Today, I found it by mere coincidence.. Certainly, no intellectual property to claim, even so, such contribution is the true claim..

I'm extremely thankful for such unprecedented opportunity..

The same image still bright in my memory for someday of 1991
Kids are the same everywhere, whenever and whatsoever..
 my eyes are tearful, yet my heart is joyful..

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