Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine Day

True Muslims would believe in "Love" more than anyone else..
Almighty swt, had warned the disbelievers if not come back to senses..
He swt would replace them with people He swt "Loves"; and they sincerely "Love" Allah swt..

 Therefore; Musli...
ms feels embraced to share the "Valentine Day"..
It is; as how it is now; a celebration of intimacy; which Islam defines as private and modest.. 

 The Valentines of AD 500 were advocates and fighters for "Social Love" as interpreted in equality, justice and fair opportunities..

 However, celebrating the day as a "Humane" one, adds value to today's billions who can't cordially enjoy "Love"; socially or privately..!!

 Regretfully, we don't "Love" anymore; therefore we have extremists and terrorists every-where, in every-religion and in every-culture..!

Merry Valentine Day Everyone..


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