Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Omar Abdullah - Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir (28 Jan 2014)

In recent three occasions, Stephen Sackur had loudly echoed the Western unilateral definition of Democracy.. He had used all professional means to elaborate his beliefs, intimidate his guests and spread a global fear.. 
Certainly, he is a high profile media professional with long experience and respect; yet the unilateral definitions are the true conflict between the western domination and the rest of the world..
On parallel, he had proved short in-depth realization of the "others", culturally and politically; which became a stigma on all Western researches, up to the academic analysis..

There are many people who are "obsessed" by Democracy..
Any sustainable cultural or sociopolitical theory is not unilateral for singular application or interpretation..
Humane diversity is generally acceptable in every aspect;
why not in Democracy..?
The Western hypocrisy became scandalous and point out to the eminent threats around the Western culture itself..
As Peskove had said:
Call it G8, G7, G6 or even G2.. It does not matter..!!

Jin Liqun, the former chairman of China's Sovereign Wealth Fund (18 Mar 2014)

Dmitry Peskov , President Putin's official spokesman (18 Mar 2014)

Maybe we are short of outspoken Philosophers, Academics or Preachers; who can enthusiastically elaborate how we "Democratically" sustained our existence since the dawn of time..

Certainly, our legacies are less "Brutal" than the Western ones, therefore we dream, love and fool play a lot.. and still do..

From Japan till Morocco, great stories of accomplishments and innovations had changed the course of history.. None of them had claimed or spoken about "Democracy", yet how "Civilization" would be survive on atrocities and injustices..?

Stop "Unilateralism" to enable "Coexistence"...!!

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