Friday, March 7, 2014

Urge or Love..?

After 60 years in life..
I have an issue which I can’t comprehend..

Across regions, cultures and histories..
Men abuse women; later they share the same bed..
Women hate men’s aggression; later they share the same bed..
It seems all is about mating..

By any means, this is not love..
Simply, a great irresistible urge to mate..

Later; they breed new human beings..
Produce many of them..
Then; we question underscoring and terrorism..!
This is why the women empowerment programs fail
Anti-domestic abuse fails..
Birth control fails..
Anti-Trafficking fails..
Anti-Child-labor fails..
Anti-FGM fails..
Anti-poverty fails
Then, the overall development fails

I’m Confused..

The true story is less than 10 minutes..!!

1 comment:

  1. In the past, women competed to be wives and mothers. They sought to be "pleasing to men," which is the definition of femininity. This enlisted the full range of their personality, intelligence and talent. They were fully human.

    Feminism, which is essentially lesbian, taught them that pleasing men is wrong. "You don't have to shave your armpits," they were told. Feminism taught them to please themselves. Now, to get the love they crave, they have nothing to offer but their bodies. They don't trust men so they can't love. Most have little intelligence, personality, talent or skills. Just insecurities.

    Thus by "the laws of supply and demand," sex has become cheap and marriage has become dear. The video implies that women should unionize, and once more make marriage the price of sex.

    According to a video, "The Economics of Sex," the Pill has made sex a commodity, one where supply far outstrips demand. This is good for men but bad for women who want marriage.