Saturday, April 12, 2014

Oscar Pistorius

Fortunately; South Africa does not use a jury system, therefore the Honorable Masipa has a horrific task to determine the verdict..

However, the more I watch his trial, the more convinced that he lies a lot..
His defense team are smart enough to play the good cords.. Many claims of his are simply ridiculous..

The experienced judge will look into the fine details to connect the dots and fill the gaps between reasonable doubts and evident intentions..

It seems to me he had been through one of these moods when a person temporarily loses senses.. Driven by complex of personal motives and constraints; had developed the sincere denial attitude; which would blackout realities and replace with a wishful yet imaginary Virtuality..

I have little doubt that he will end up confirmed guilty, and if so; will end up suicidal at his prison..

Regretfully, as how he was inspirational to the 7% special-needs-persons worldwide, he had unintentionally shut the doors for psychological coherence and defuse with others.. This story will change the spectrum of this group of people, reviving old tales of their hidden aspirational incompetence, despite the big funds spent on friendly facilities everywhere.. I know that such facilities cost almost 0.5% of real estate and urban investments..

The sole lesson is about how media should relax a bit in promoting achievements and persons attached.. Yet, it sounds impossible as media lives on the atrocities rather than the festivals..!!

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