Friday, May 16, 2014

A Landslide in India

How Healthy.. or Wealthy..?

Not only the BRIC, but the entire world is anxiously observing..Do not miss it..!

To understand the Indian game:
"Voters, however, mostly told me that they couldn’t be “bought”; they took from all parties but voted their conscience on Election Day. When I repeated this to a state assembly candidate, he told me that I misunderstood. H
e was not “buying” votes with cash handouts, but buying into the game; to distribute cash did not guarantee victory, he reasoned, it kept one competitive. “If money is distributed, voters might give you a chance. But if money is not distributed, you are finished.”

The same is typically repeated everywhere.. everywhere..
"The country’s politicians are increasingly being drawn from four demographics: political dynasties, criminals, industrialists and celebrities. Common to all, of course, are deep pockets."

The Final Numbers

This is how it had started

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