Sunday, May 4, 2014

Rethink Sudan

Most Think Tanks, Universities, Int'l Org's and NGOs treat Sudan as member of the Sub-Sahara African community..
That colorful, diverse, young, rebellious and non-extremist region..
(Azawad, Shabab & Boko Haram are not indigenous..!!)

te how many would feel angry, goes into denial or violently respond; this became a fact in academia, policies and operations..
Nevertheless; there is no tools of capacities to confront the global syndicate..

Maybe it is a serious time to Rethink-Sudan..!!
Enough Debating..!!

(It is in English, because bi-lingual is intellectual)

The third millennia has its distinct conditions of envision, caliber, processing and delivery; whereas no vacancy for trials, assumptions or excuses is morally or functionally acceptable; within the inevitable global urban race towards sustainability, governance and excellence.. Not all the issues are mandatory for discussion, but all epistemic barriers should be removed, enabling wider vision and envision outside the crippling man-made boundaries

Certainly, intellectuality is a primer condition; which sets eligibility to understand referrals, add value and motivate others; yet adherence to the basic cultural foundations is not an option; in a world swiftly and unmercifully erases all borders and identities.. Cautiously; age, gender, ethnic and religious weighting will be addressed within the authentic national code of morals and practices

Powering Gear
Intellectual led networks of national clubs; whereas communities are empowered, socioeconomic are developed and urban elevations are the main concerns.. Such clubs should be the focus-by-choice for aspirations, mediation and coherence.. Restructuring and placement of Estate Pillars will enable proper contributions and enlightenments for the competitions

Cultural Foundations
Today's world has little consideration for historical referrals; unless used to refuel or defuse conflicts of social fabrics, yet; Monotheism, Nilotics, Movability and Conservatism are the ruling livelihood motivations within the Sudanese territories; which progressively interact with a rich and diverse eco system.. Enabling co-existence means empowering all groups to grow, evolve and share the rights of wealth, opportunities and expressions

Political Vision
National Borders are synonymous with complex historical and authentic ruling systems; whereas concepts, models and dreams migrate in both directions; therefore; it is inevitable to recall local experiences, develop progressive debates and enforce estate pillars to correspond with convenience, governance and transparency.. World order is a momentous energy that requires conscious comprehension rather than arrogant confliction

Socioeconomic Framework
Slow urbanism had preserved the economic characteristics of traditional social exchange and formation; which stand unshaken despite the changed forms of wealth distribution; dictating the adequate model for socioeconomic development and growth.. The three sector economy is the revolutionary concept towards balanced and lasting growth and fulfillment; which amazingly correspond to heritage and dreams together  

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