Friday, May 23, 2014


Editors and Commentators at BBC, CNN, DW, TRT, France24 and others, are getting anxiety sickness with their continuous attempts to "bully" Russians, Egyptians, Libyans and Thais for their "undemocratic" courses..

 The logic would say; not necessarily we share the same views, despite being the same humans..
Our legacy is our diversity, not in our imitations..
Our humane innovation is how to accept each other not to be each other..
Nevertheless, the epistemic gaps of experience and exposure; which demands everyone's time to learn and grow up the way the nation agrees..

 Democracy is the people choice, not the few-outspoken..

 Stop "Westernizing" the world..
We are "Intellectual Species" too..!!

We have different views of eligibilities, liabilities and rights.. Across the non-Western world, people share proximities of visions, which had created the non-aliens movement of 1964.. Yes, at that time, the coalition was political rather than social or cultural

Prioritizing family and kinship is not corruption, but liability
Endorsing Elders and Dynasties is not slavery but respect
Sociopolitical domination is not abuse but equilibrium
Religion is not anesthetization but freedom
Social ranking is not oppression but discretion
Military is not aliens but sacred
Literacy is not a trophy but a social duty
Finally, Death is not awful but a threshold..!

These morals are part of Oriental and South mindset
Forced reformation and restructure disturb the norms
Anxiety on Democracy, Media, Industrialization and Trade; is killing us
We always accepted to be your raw resources, cheap fuel and open markets.. So stop the ****..!!

Give the people the luxury to grow and reshape themselves

When we had invented our monuments and landmarks we were not democratic, nor ruled by civilians..
Nor, when we had contributed in Mathematics, physics and chemistry..
Nor, when we had incubated Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and all other relig
ions and faiths..
Nor, when we established remarkable urbanity in India, China, Iraq, Persia, Egypt or Morocco; which all had fallen under your boots..!
History should be rewritten; not for more stakes, but for fairness..

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