Friday, June 13, 2014

Britishness vs. Romanesque

England - Italy
Sunglasses: 0-13
Long hair: 0-8
Suit from the 80'ies: 25-0
Ability to organize a photo-shoot: 1-0
Ability to look good in a photo-shoot: 0-19

Missing Mum already: 0-19


Dominating legacies that rule our world.. Britishness vs. Romanesque.. Order vs. Emotions..
Tomorrow's world vs. Yesterday's..!!

Despite how the Britishness in a way had transformed the historical legacy of Romanesque.. It had reshaped and repainted most awful acts with rationales, lawfulness and modernism..

Romans had innovated Slavery, Colonism and Globalization
British had reshaped all, and pioneered critical changes when the modern mindset changed.. They led prohibiting Slavery, Give away colonies and turn multiculturalism into a national ID..

Romanesque keeps emotional and sensual personalities alive and drivers for fashion, entertainment and tourism industries, while Britishness holds technical innovations, epistemic curriculums and royalties as a platform for everything.. suites today and tomorrow..!!

Despite the richness of Latin and Italian languages, English holds the keys for the future..
Yet, Romans and Romanesque are charming..!!

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