Friday, June 13, 2014

Jihad Mony..

Good to know..
then plan forward for your own life..!!

ISIS (ISIL) gained control of the $429 million
Taliban has between $70 and $400 million
Hezbollah has between $200 and $500 million
FARC has between $80 to $350 million...

Hamas’s budget as $70 million
al-Shabaab’s has between $70 and $100
al Qaeda’s annual budget was $30 million
Lashkar-e-Taiba has unknown wealth, yet one of the best
Greatest part of these moneys comes from charities, money laundry and drug trade.. FARC had developed the Sugar mills in their controlled territories to generate revenues.. However, Salafist Petro-Dollars are critical..!
I value Sociopolitics rather than Politics..!

What most people did not know:
PLO 1990 had $200 million for budget, and $14 billion for assets..!!!!!!!!
Today is a totally different story, as evolved into a State; a $4 billion GDP
International Muslim Brotherhood manages $600 billion or 70% of annual Charity Revenues within the Muslim world.. Everywhere..
This starts by the small boxes at groceries, mosques and shopping malls..
This was the main pitfall of Egyptian Morsi; when he had proposed $200 billion development dream; without gaining IBM consent..
This is an annual renewal of $600 billion.. and growing..!
There is no intelligence without data..
No more Fahlawah..!!
Regardless, No value-added envisions without supporting data..

(Fahlawah is a mutated Persian noun describing a person with baseless amusing acts.. It had widely used in medieval Mamluk Egypt, then spread among Arabic speakers.. Currently drives the core of public culture)

Small donations generates huge sums

Give to the poor, then they donate back, and more..
Global trades and operations

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