Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Civic State of Egypt

I enjoy great respect to the encyclopedic personality of Dr. Tareq Heggy, who has remarkable professional, public and intellectual records.. One of his greatest achievements is his unshakable distance from any public appointments; in order to maintain his own freedom and engagements.. He marks a situation on the contrary of most intellectuals who assume their skills are the sole eligibility to manage or rule..
This enlightening lecture; which summarizes his overall intellectual landscape and rationales; shades lots of lights on:
  • Contemporary evolution of the Egyptian State
  • Framework of the Civic State
  • Competitiveness of the Political Islam
  • Dynamics of Regional and International Politics

Being a liberal is enough and great for the recent time zone; whereas the Egyptian public needs neutral guidance to reestablish their own state and modernize their frameworks; enabling a breakthrough towards the future..

Being cordially attached to the foundations of Western democracies and civic order, enables to draw a roadmap for the threshold for Egyptian gears.. As once headed the conglomerate Shell-Egypt, he is will versed about international business and economies, which are essential for any visions and planning..

Being a London resident for the last 20 years; had enabled him to continuously challenge his own capacities and epistemic contents, apart from any oppressions or obsession.. Yet, the professional contacts had enabled him greater marketing and intellectual engagements, which adequately fuel his energy, exposures and productivity..

Although, I do disagree with him on the positioning of Islam in the Civic State; yet I understands his source of misalignment; which condemns both capacity and eligibility of Today's Muslims to intellectually discover and executively draw a roadmap for rational implementations..

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