Monday, July 28, 2014

Tango on..

Inevitably, Tango is sensational.. It is an interpretation of life.. Certainly it was not an invention of one person, but centuries of living exercises with full measures and exposures..
The secret of Tango is the Latino Passion for life, which is a distant evolution from its Latin roots.. Tango had taken Latin into another level of life, where no partition, separation or limits for the humane exercise, including all morals, ethics and philosophies..

Tango is mostly Atheist.. Yet, Monotheist..!!!!

Frank (Al Pacino) teaches the beautiful and charming Donna (Gabrielle Anwar) how to dance the tango.

No mistakes in Tango.. not like life..
If you make a mistake, get all tangled up, just Tango on..!

Rules of Confrontation

This Young generation will change the Rules of Confrontation..
Just give it 10 years..!!

By default, the Millennia generation at diasporas, Arab/Jew; are not ready to repeat the legacies of the famous conflict, nor believe in the foundations that had led to it.. Despite how their counterparts in Gaza, West Bank Slums and Israeli settlements are fed with the hatred and patriotic slogans and harsh realities in everyday; they are more pragmatic and bold in making up their minds about what's going on..

Unfortunately, Fascist leaderships among both parties are proven slipping in time and facts, whereas people are no longer ready to waste their lives.. Today's people believe that live worth living, not to die for it.. This phenomenon is spreading and changing the game worldwide.. Yet, orthodox politicians are not coping, while the Elders of the World are increasingly condemning them for being out of date, out of time.. Yet, they can't change..

Millennia are ready to scarify religion for a better life..
Why not?
They had found most preachers are already breaching lapsing time, intellectual evolution and necessities of survival; with growing threats to their lives and dreams.. Therefore, Game of Religions is falling apart as how the Game of Nations had been ill-fated few years ago..

Rules of Confrontation is rapidly changing.. The current 50K fans of this call will grow to exceed the total Arab and Jew population worldwide..

Believe it.. and get ready for it..!!


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Eid Mubarak

To all my Family, Friends and Colleague: Eid Mubarak May Allah swt will shower your with blessings, generosity and forgiveness

Jokowi is coming..!

Of course, Indonesia are not within the interests of the "Noisy Arabs', despite being the most populous Muslim nation and the 3rd largest democracy.. Most Arabs know Indonesia as only source of housemaids, exotic travels or 3000 islands.. The radical groups had already infested the country, which will not enable Jokowi to restructure and spread development.. Already, their hatred videos and propaganda had aired..
Indonesia GDP is $ 1.3 trillion; equals to both KSA & UAE, or one third of all Arab world.. Their 300,000 housemaids are not stigma, but honored way of earning living, rather than typical Middle Eastern parasitization, prostitution or beggary
Despite his love to Metal music, he had invented Health Cards for the unprivileged people of Jakarta.. The presidential campaign started by questioning his religious belief; a note about the forthcoming battles.. Changing the platforms from corruption, dictatorships, political dynasties and corporate lobbying is not an acceptable roadmap for the ruling powers.. yet, he symbolizes people against beneficiaries..
Shall he succeed..?
I'm not sure..!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mariam at the Vatican..

JPEG - 17.4 kb
In this photo provided by the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, Sudan’s Meriam Ibrahim, holding her daughter Maya in her arms, is shown meeting Pope Francis in Rome on 24 July 2014

The Italian Deputy Minister for Foreign Relations had led the secret negotiations with Sudanese government to allow for Mariam and her kids to leave Sudan.. Certainly, without Sudanese travel documents or papers; she had lift Sudan on board of an Italian Government plane.. The same day, she was received and blessed by Pop Francis at the Vatican..
Her US citizen and wheel-chaired husband Dani; was never the focus of news or photographs..!
Sudanese government was not available for comments, yet it was clearly a part of trade off between Sudan and European Union.. Al-Basheer Regimes seeks any scores at any prices..

I kept wondering on the momentum Marian represents; to deploy senior Italian official to accompany her, on a 30K $ voyage, who was immediately scheduled upon arrival to meet the Pop..

Many freedom fighters and victims of oppression had no chance to be recognized at such a high level celebrations..

There is a strong bad smell in the air..!!

Fear of a Stone..

Mankind was destined to an infinitive struggle between both extremes: Good & Bad.. Our intellectual arrogance had denounced all divine referrals and associated surrender to the unknown.. Therefore, the counterbalance changed form Metaphysics into Psychopathy; providing no answer but radicalism.. The older generations had contended way of life more than ours.. yet; we are much contended than the following.. An inevitable evolution of materialism with cycles of frustrations' violence.. Such violence is varied from increased rates of bad politics, hatred, domestic violence, trafficking, suicide up to ISIL..!!
Yes, the Story of Stones..
All civilizations were built by Stones.. All victories were marked by destruction of Stones.. Taliban and ISIL feared the Stones.. Austerity and Gazi protestors raised the Stone..

What a combination..!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Half True Half False

Despite the painful graphics coming from Gaza, I guess no one truly and sincerely cares..!!

This cycle of violence is not about confrontation between Hamas and Israel, but about the search of human mandate in a world spirally declines and slips away from the simply rightfulness..

A world without agreeable enforced Governance or Code..
A world swiftly turns to be a ruthless jungle..

Certainly; the mindset towards monotheism should be singular, despite the various theological and jurisprudential particulars.. Yet, the fact would tell that... the man-made cultural and political divides are deep rooted against any reconciliation or mediation.. Deeper than the Scriptures themselves.. Deeper to haunt any attempt to draw a meeting point.. Deeper to serve the agreeable divine concept; shared destiny and purpose of existence..!!

There is no fair play in today's world.. No one can be unbiased in the Israeli Palestinian quest.. It already became irrational, bigot and emotional.. Frankly speaking, Palestinians are more into media than Israelis.. Radical Muslims are the Masters of New Media.. They had made the whole world passionately cry, despite Rocket launchers on top of houses, CCCs at basements and Barracks within every residential block..

Who's to blame..? who accept their civilian properties to be warfare facilities..?, or who forced them to..?, or who try to surgically clean..?

Who are truly the bad guys..?
The Chain of injustices or the other of frustration..?
What is the quest..?

What a waste..!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Gaza Cycle

‎#صورة_وتعليق - شاب في مشرحة مستشفى الشفاء يبكي أخاه الصغير الذي قضى في قصف بحري إسرائيلي #غزة
المصدر: USA Today‎

Looking into the current cycle of violence between Palestinians and Israelis; would pinpoint to few facts:

1. Public memory is too short, to recall events and lessons learned, regardless of enthusiasm, endorsement or condemnation included, therefore, PR & Media are utilizing unprecedented yet risky powers..!

2. People are increasingly partitioned from their historical events and cultural roots; whereas global communication had grown on the expense of both validity and sustainability of legacies..

3. Religious and Moral Scriptures had scandalously been deviated from their authentic systems of values, as Mankind widely and boldly exercise intellectual arrogance, self-centrism and epistemic hypocrisy..

4. The universal trend to appreciate the monetary values of any efforts, service or product is the moral curse of current urbanity and civilization, which devalue the substance and essence of Humanity and Rights..

5. The true appreciation of development goals is their address to common and fundamental root causes of decay and confusion, which all GOV and NGO efforts should focus, whereas all other goals would follow..

For many the above would sound sailing away from Gaza.. for me and for some others, it is precise surgical sailing within..!!

All atrocities and genocides are the same.. All people are the same..
To gain true recognition of Gaza genocide, we have to acknowledge the Armenian one

Adil Abdalla's photo.

Because the public memory is short.. and how people became self-centered.. while Media are baking hot and picking hottest stuff..!!

The couple of millions who had been brutally slaughtered for nothing but being non Muslim at 1915, had been ignored for geopolitical reasons.. Turkish alignment to NATO was their shield from acknowledgement or reconciliation.. This was in parallel to Armenian engagement with the Soviet Union.. Once world order changed on 1990th, demands for acknowledgment was ignored by everyone.. US position to shield Israel from Gaza condemnation, it had similarly shielded Turkey from the Armenia one.. Turkey competes to be the 1st advocate for Gaza, while rejects admitting Armenian events..

In Darfur almost one million had perished.. while thousands are systematically tortured on daily basis at many media-ignored hot spots..

The merit, all genocides are the same.. If we demand to acknowledge one, we have to acknowledge all.. Otherwise, we share the guilt of doubled-measures..

However, the "Intellectual Expatriate Arabs" are apart from other Arabs.. In circumstances of time and location; they (IEAs) are more conscious and pragmatic; who easily mix physics and metaphysics of existence, realizing that poetry and fairy-tales times had gone, allowing for universal mindset to go viral with domination.. I'm not sure they would make a coherence with 70% illiteracy, poverty, illness and poor performing..!!

I guess IEAs did not efficiently deliver; therefore, Media Tycoons (with the help of many "IEAs") are gaming with the naïve commons who lack true leadership..

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Roof Knocking


When the sincere hearts would feel the continuous pain, it tells either the case or the responses are flammable..

The case tells that many children and innocent people are either hurt or killed by random bombardment.. It also tells that parts of the residential blocks are used as weapon stores, command centers or militants' barracks.. It also tells that "Roof-knocking" technique was developed militarily and legally to reduce civilian causalities..

Reponses also tell that recent warfare was triggered by sudden kidnapping and killing of 3 Israeli teens, then the chain of reactions continued and accelerated.. Also tell that Radical Palestinian Muslims had mastered the art of public relation and media campaigns.. Also tell that the urban clash between Parties is a candidate for infinity; whereas cycles of violence became irrational and insensible..

Israteen, as quoted earlier by Gazaffi, symbolizes the complex reasons, triggers and interests in the livelihood of Arab Israeli conflict, not Muslim Jewish one..!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

World Cup or World Order..

It was an unprecedented shocking humiliation to the host nation in the history of World Cup.. Yet, it is a reward for communal fitness, rational mindset and intellectual preparedness rather than for amusing skills, magical art and spontaneous communities..

I had been a big fan for Brazil during my younger age, before losing the interest in the golden game.. Yet, I start to read Brazil as random shattered societies with lots of downgrading, confusion and decline.. Despite its rank among the BRISC, which was a temporary vision that did not last for long, current preparations to host the games were scandalous and almost criminal.. The contradictions between government and public, politicians and people, poverty and arts can not provide platforms for sustainable developments, socioeconomic growth or political stability.. Low and Order are simply void and nonsense among majority of Brazilians.. Patriotism can not survive on cheers, corruption and parades for long.. This is the message such a scandalous defeat would deliver..