Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fear of a Stone..

Mankind was destined to an infinitive struggle between both extremes: Good & Bad.. Our intellectual arrogance had denounced all divine referrals and associated surrender to the unknown.. Therefore, the counterbalance changed form Metaphysics into Psychopathy; providing no answer but radicalism.. The older generations had contended way of life more than ours.. yet; we are much contended than the following.. An inevitable evolution of materialism with cycles of frustrations' violence.. Such violence is varied from increased rates of bad politics, hatred, domestic violence, trafficking, suicide up to ISIL..!!
Yes, the Story of Stones..
All civilizations were built by Stones.. All victories were marked by destruction of Stones.. Taliban and ISIL feared the Stones.. Austerity and Gazi protestors raised the Stone..

What a combination..!

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