Sunday, July 20, 2014

Half True Half False

Despite the painful graphics coming from Gaza, I guess no one truly and sincerely cares..!!

This cycle of violence is not about confrontation between Hamas and Israel, but about the search of human mandate in a world spirally declines and slips away from the simply rightfulness..

A world without agreeable enforced Governance or Code..
A world swiftly turns to be a ruthless jungle..

Certainly; the mindset towards monotheism should be singular, despite the various theological and jurisprudential particulars.. Yet, the fact would tell that... the man-made cultural and political divides are deep rooted against any reconciliation or mediation.. Deeper than the Scriptures themselves.. Deeper to haunt any attempt to draw a meeting point.. Deeper to serve the agreeable divine concept; shared destiny and purpose of existence..!!

There is no fair play in today's world.. No one can be unbiased in the Israeli Palestinian quest.. It already became irrational, bigot and emotional.. Frankly speaking, Palestinians are more into media than Israelis.. Radical Muslims are the Masters of New Media.. They had made the whole world passionately cry, despite Rocket launchers on top of houses, CCCs at basements and Barracks within every residential block..

Who's to blame..? who accept their civilian properties to be warfare facilities..?, or who forced them to..?, or who try to surgically clean..?

Who are truly the bad guys..?
The Chain of injustices or the other of frustration..?
What is the quest..?

What a waste..!!

At Gaza; it is the confrontation between two worldly syndromes..
1st; The urban mindset of migrant Israelis, with all seeds of technology and coding that had enabled the state of 4 millions to rule the core industries and its affiliations politics and finances..

2nd; The underdeveloped mindset of all times Middle Eastern; who are tightly glued to their historical cultural roots; which enabled them to reflect humane values that are missed with contemporary scientific and pragmatic scores..

Therefore, world people support for Gazans became their own battle against marginalization, deformation and neglection..

When Hamas dug tunnels under residential areas, occupy basements of houses, or erect rocket launcher on top, or store their ammunition and host their militants among civilians; these acts are not considered by Arabs as violations to human rights, or code of war, but cleverness and skillful tactics  of smart fighters..

There is a great difference between watching a circus' amusements, and been an active part of them.. Sometimes I wonder for the foolish anaesthetized state of mind which got Gazan parents to accept such dangerous warfare applications; which bring certain hurt and death to their kids..?

In a part of it; lays the chain of frustration of the whole quest, not since 1948, but earlier since 1889, when foundation stone was celebrated for Til Aviv..

But, being a culturally self destructive is something else..

Going back to the Mamluk Empire, seeds of contemporary Middle Eastern mindset had been spread and cared to grow.. Since that time, the need to utilize are skills and resources became the only code to live.. Therefore, not only cheap personal politics became a term, but also monopoly of available skills and tools to capture interest and timely trust.. Fahlawah, a mutation of a Persian adjective for the clown magician; who is capable to amaze and amuse the audience..
Half True Half False..
It might be all False, but appear partially True..
This is the foundation of contemporary mindset, particularly within Egypt and Levant..

This region had been under singular ruling for more than 6 centuries; which had casted the national personalities, despite the minor deviations in slang, habits and environments.. Various States had ruled, yet it was geopolitically a must to rule all of it together; from Aleppo to Cairo, apart from Lebanese coast..
Any careful research into folklore, Epistemia and Sociopolitics will find unprecedented coherence; which successfully explains similarities of social and political cycles..

Yes, they are one character, despite how fiercely they deny it..!!

I guess no one would reject the notion that after almost 1000 years, people become one identity, personality and culture..

This is why, irrationality are spreading, and echoed as well among neighboring communities.. This is what most reporters and commentators had failed to conceive, understand and envision..

Therefore, not only Gaza and Palestine require new approach to handle, but also both Syria and Egypt.. Contrary to the spreading slogan, USA does not hold the key for Middle Eastern quest, but "Fahlawah does..!!

The amount of Fauxtographies, Photoshppings, and frauds within Middle Eastern media and news are more than any reasonable justifications or rationales.. Yet, it is not a reason for upsetting enthusiasm or patriotism among both commons and elite.. It is a culture and mindset which will survive and place the current controversies and atrocities for infinity..!!

This is the true hurdle for any political settlement..!

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