Saturday, July 12, 2014

Roof Knocking


When the sincere hearts would feel the continuous pain, it tells either the case or the responses are flammable..

The case tells that many children and innocent people are either hurt or killed by random bombardment.. It also tells that parts of the residential blocks are used as weapon stores, command centers or militants' barracks.. It also tells that "Roof-knocking" technique was developed militarily and legally to reduce civilian causalities..

Reponses also tell that recent warfare was triggered by sudden kidnapping and killing of 3 Israeli teens, then the chain of reactions continued and accelerated.. Also tell that Radical Palestinian Muslims had mastered the art of public relation and media campaigns.. Also tell that the urban clash between Parties is a candidate for infinity; whereas cycles of violence became irrational and insensible..

Israteen, as quoted earlier by Gazaffi, symbolizes the complex reasons, triggers and interests in the livelihood of Arab Israeli conflict, not Muslim Jewish one..!!

Phone Warning
What happens before the Israeli military bombs your house? For many Gaza Strip residents, it's a phone call. Sawsan Kawarea, a resident of Khan Younis, said she was in the house Tuesday when the phone rang. She answered, and on the other side was “David," who claimed he was with the Israeli military.
“He asked for me by name. He said: ‘You have women and children in the house. Get out. You have five minutes before the rockets come,’ ” Kawarea said in an interview with The Post's William Booth.
She took her children and ran outside. A small rocket hit the house soon after, Kawarea said. It was apparently the final warning. Five minutes later, a larger missile hit, and the house was destroyed. According to Hamas, seven people, including three minors, were killed in the Israeli airstrike. The man the Israelis were aiming for was apparently not among those killed.

Roof knocking is the practice of warning inhabitants of a building before it is bombed to give the inhabitants time to flee the attack. The practice has been used by the
Israel Defense Forces (IDF) before attacking buildings that they suspect contain weapons. The term "roof knocking" (Hebrew: הקש בגג) or "a knock on the roof" has also been used to describe the IDF practice of firing a non-explosive missile at a roof to get people there to leave. As early as 2006 the IDF had the practice of warning the inhabitants of a building that was about to be attacked.

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