Friday, July 18, 2014

The Gaza Cycle

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Looking into the current cycle of violence between Palestinians and Israelis; would pinpoint to few facts:

1. Public memory is too short, to recall events and lessons learned, regardless of enthusiasm, endorsement or condemnation included, therefore, PR & Media are utilizing unprecedented yet risky powers..!

2. People are increasingly partitioned from their historical events and cultural roots; whereas global communication had grown on the expense of both validity and sustainability of legacies..

3. Religious and Moral Scriptures had scandalously been deviated from their authentic systems of values, as Mankind widely and boldly exercise intellectual arrogance, self-centrism and epistemic hypocrisy..

4. The universal trend to appreciate the monetary values of any efforts, service or product is the moral curse of current urbanity and civilization, which devalue the substance and essence of Humanity and Rights..

5. The true appreciation of development goals is their address to common and fundamental root causes of decay and confusion, which all GOV and NGO efforts should focus, whereas all other goals would follow..

For many the above would sound sailing away from Gaza.. for me and for some others, it is precise surgical sailing within..!!

All atrocities and genocides are the same.. All people are the same..
To gain true recognition of Gaza genocide, we have to acknowledge the Armenian one

Adil Abdalla's photo.

Because the public memory is short.. and how people became self-centered.. while Media are baking hot and picking hottest stuff..!!

The couple of millions who had been brutally slaughtered for nothing but being non Muslim at 1915, had been ignored for geopolitical reasons.. Turkish alignment to NATO was their shield from acknowledgement or reconciliation.. This was in parallel to Armenian engagement with the Soviet Union.. Once world order changed on 1990th, demands for acknowledgment was ignored by everyone.. US position to shield Israel from Gaza condemnation, it had similarly shielded Turkey from the Armenia one.. Turkey competes to be the 1st advocate for Gaza, while rejects admitting Armenian events..

In Darfur almost one million had perished.. while thousands are systematically tortured on daily basis at many media-ignored hot spots..

The merit, all genocides are the same.. If we demand to acknowledge one, we have to acknowledge all.. Otherwise, we share the guilt of doubled-measures..

However, the "Intellectual Expatriate Arabs" are apart from other Arabs.. In circumstances of time and location; they (IEAs) are more conscious and pragmatic; who easily mix physics and metaphysics of existence, realizing that poetry and fairy-tales times had gone, allowing for universal mindset to go viral with domination.. I'm not sure they would make a coherence with 70% illiteracy, poverty, illness and poor performing..!!

I guess IEAs did not efficiently deliver; therefore, Media Tycoons (with the help of many "IEAs") are gaming with the naïve commons who lack true leadership..

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