Tuesday, July 8, 2014

World Cup or World Order..

It was an unprecedented shocking humiliation to the host nation in the history of World Cup.. Yet, it is a reward for communal fitness, rational mindset and intellectual preparedness rather than for amusing skills, magical art and spontaneous communities..

I had been a big fan for Brazil during my younger age, before losing the interest in the golden game.. Yet, I start to read Brazil as random shattered societies with lots of downgrading, confusion and decline.. Despite its rank among the BRISC, which was a temporary vision that did not last for long, current preparations to host the games were scandalous and almost criminal.. The contradictions between government and public, politicians and people, poverty and arts can not provide platforms for sustainable developments, socioeconomic growth or political stability.. Low and Order are simply void and nonsense among majority of Brazilians.. Patriotism can not survive on cheers, corruption and parades for long.. This is the message such a scandalous defeat would deliver..

Germany had steadily grown on all categories of development and prosperity, with emerging effective role on World Order and political coordination.. Its reluctance to open migration doors is a righteous national agenda, while its leading role in the EU world cooperation and aid is mostly unseen among 3rd world unconscious commons and noisy elites.. The reputation German academia, technology and businesses are increasingly gaining is the reward for hardship and hard work the German people had paid since WWII.. Recent US espionage cases against German politicians will mark a new arrangement of powers, loyalties and sacrifices as well.. However, it will not be a shocking news if Germany would look for a wider global roles similar to recent Japanese initiatives.. The world will never be the same as we had known earlier..

There is a global demand for rationale and logic to drive both institutions and countries, to confront the growing challenges that require more seriousness and deliveries rather than the increased profits for investors and shareholders.. The rise of National Stock Exchanges is not a healthy sign for future economies and prosperity as well.. It only empowers more the 1% rather than the 99%

It was a simple football game, and a world one as well..!!

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