Friday, August 29, 2014

Arabic re-Renaissance

Very few Arabs and Muslims; who had been gifted the capacity to scrutinize righteous from wrongdoing..  Despite how delicate to address the mostly emotional and passionate topics related to religion and mythical beliefs; these knowledge-warriors are symbols of the divine verdict to enable the nation to survive.. This survival is not meant to hurt, disgrace or defeat any other school of thought or belief, but was necessary to balance the evil powers from stimulating desires and soft spots within the humane fabric..

Prior to September 2011, there were no security domination worldwide, apart from routine criminals and outlaws.. Rare events of terrorism were easy to control and defuse; without depriving the principle rights, interests and concern of the public.. Since September 11, billion were invested in security operations and precautions that already provoke most rights.. Certainly, blames of this spiral phenomenon are pointed to Muslims..

The same applies to many regrettable issues world wide..
As Ibrahim AlBuleihi put it: Muslims (not Islam) had not only over loaded ourselves, but we had over loaded the world with unfortunate events, circumstances and costs..
Confusion, misguidance and superficiality had invaded the Arabs and Muslims ad created paradoxical and contradictive situations with the others..!! 

The true question is about what we are aiming for..?
What we want to accomplish or prove..?

What the purpose, target, gain or endeavor..?
Certainly nothing..

In a simple Islamic vision; the people are divided into three categories.. Leaders, Executives and Commons..
Leaders who are supposed to have Allah swt within their hearts, so they can lead the nation towards the prosperous righteous path..
Executives who have Allah swt in their minds, and had qualification to administer the nation and capable to scrutinize issues and advise the Leaders on the best ways forward..
Then, the Commons, who watch out for Allah swt in their simple deeds and actions, led by those Allah-fearing leaders and empowered by those Allah-knowing executives..
If non of the above are not there, it simply means the abounding of Islam's teachings, bylaws and philosophies.. Which were set to guide the nation..!

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