Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Scotland Blue Print..

Across the world, there are many political movements target to break-away regions from their countries.. This is the seriousness and implications of Scotland Referendum 2014..

This is the unspoken and common worry among all ruling politicians worldwide.. If this "Legal" processing make its success in Scotland on Sep 18; there will be no excuse or justification to ignore claims for independence from any territories across the world..

This will start with Crimea, which its referendum had took place, yet rejected by the "Democratic" world, despite the presence of international monitors..

In advance to the referendum in Scotland; it is widely proven how politicians would compile false facts to reach their goals.. Despite the high HDI rank in UK in general and Scotland in particular, there are many evidences that the true facts had been carefully hidden within emotional campaigns of both parties..

Yes, the No campaign are more realistic than the Yes one.. the No party did not disclose the true cost of sovereign divorce nor the long path needed to conclude.. The uncertainty and probabilities of unsuccessful endeavors are unbelievably great and mushroom.. This is the true risk of independence verdict..

UK, and Scotland within, occupy the 14th rank of HDI.. what would be the case for underdeveloped nations.. Since the partition of South Sudan, its deteriorated rank can not go lower than 187, the lowest worldwide..!!

In both cases, separation or unity favored, I believe that UK should revised it representation structure..
Currently, they are four British nations, whereas only three exercise partial sovereignty, while England is not.. Therefore, there is no Federation but Subordination.. This is the unspoken bottom-line..

Therefore, England should have its own Parliament, Capital and Government.. Then London should be a Federal Capital, with appropriate representation of the nations..

This will be the threshold of British Equality, Fairness and Justice..

I wonder, why such topic is not raised, so far..!

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