Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Didat and Coexistence..

It is all about Coexistence.. Muslims are too arrogant to adhere to..
Not only Sudanese, but all Muslims can not survive further, unless structural changes happen to their epistemic consensus..

Moonfleet Eldai I agree. Remarkably, Muslims should be able to strike remarkable examples in coexistence for Islam is truly diverse given all the races and linguistic and ethnic groups that identify as Muslims across the globe. Some of us are better at coexistence than others but collectively we perhaps should think deeper about emphasizing coexistence and diversity.

I think Christianity are more diverse than Islam, as well as Buddhism. . Muslims are cordially believe that Arabs are distinct and honorable race, at least that the Prophet PBUH had said so in some hadeeth. . Therefore Muslims have their own hurdle to exercise genuine belief of coexistence.. Let us face it..!

Moonfleet Eldai I am not sure about Buddhism geographic distribution beyond the Asian continent. I am trying to recall if there has been ever a hadeeth to the effect of Arabs special place or whatever. If you can refer me to one please go ahead so that I can learn something new. I am aware that politically the earlier Ummayyad empire was particularly pro-Arab and in that effect it allegedly mistreated the Muslims in the lands that came under the Arabian influence. But my source for this information has been the Iranian historical documents which I sort of doubt their absolute impartiality.
الحديث عن بعض الصّحابة:
إنّ الله تعالى اختار لنبيّنا خير الأنساب من لدن آدم إلى أنْ اُخرج من صلب أبيه عبدالله، فجعل خير الناس من ولد إسماعيل، فتكلّم بالعربية وتكلّم إسحاق على لسان أبيه، فولد إسماعيل العرب، ثم جعل خير الناس كنانة، ثم جعل خير العرب قريشاً وخير قريش بني هاشم، ثم جعل خير بني هاشم بني عبدالمطلب، ثم خير بني عبدالمطلب نبيّنا محمّد صلّى الله عليه وآله فبعثه رسولاً واتّخذه نبيّاً وأهبط عليه جبرئيل بالوحي وقال له: طفت مشارق الأرض ومغاربها فلم أر أفضل منك

Moonfleet Eldai Wow, this is very interesting indeed. I'd take this with a grain of salt because the ahadeeth mentioned there sound more like the characteristic self-serving exaggeration of the Shia Imams. On the other hand I have come uponthe Ibn Baz opinion on the correctness of such ahadeeth, they are invariably dismissed as week. We grew up instructed that no Arab is better than non Arab and no non Arab is better than an Arab except in their piety.

Well.. despite the denial or rejection, it had worked perfectly with the sub-consciousness, leading to many atrocities in the names of Islam, civilization and/or honor.. what we had had in South, Nuba and Darfur are just small samples.. Also in Hyderabad, Malaysia and Muritania (which has today more than 150,000 salves) are other examples

Moonfleet Eldai This has happened to me !. I used to play the classical guitar some long time ago. I mastered works by Beethoven and other famous composers. My problem was that, my friends always wanted something Sudanese. It was like, if you do not do that then you do not know how to play. That was not encouraging but of a herd mentality

Change is always associated with denial and resistance.. The more resistant people are, the more enthusiastic for more change (or revolutionary one) they would be..

Moonfleet Eldai: Note that these atrocities were also met by atrocities in response and perhaps fiercer in kind. In Hyderabad, Zanzibar and before that in Spain during the Reconquest Arabs were really massacred in the thousands after the population revolted. The Arab Moriscos in Sapin for example were killed if they spoke Arabic and they were forced into Christianity. They used a language called Aljamiado to at least try to preserve their culture at the face of the new more superior force coming at them.

To avoid double standards.. Had Muslim armies peacefully invaded the regions beyond Arabia? Otherwise, mutual violence is not a surprise.. I strongly believe that there were boundaries that marked the peaceful Muslim spread, or likely so, while beyond it was unwritten and unspoken bloodsheds..

The Prophet PBUH had implicitly called Mua'tah battle as the last one (Junior Jihad); what had happened after was humanely driven, not divinely done, or likely so...!!

Somebody has to start the research by counting and comparing the number of causalities across those early wars.. I shall not be surprised by the results.. Interesting..!!

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