Friday, March 13, 2015

Egypt's New Capital

This is a creation of Capital Region.. despite the failed Megapolis..

Unfortunately, Egyptian Planners did not adhere to the decentralization concepts, which had made many nations, wealthier, healthier and mightier.. Adding 30% to existing urban land is not a solution.. Threats of Eastern-Invasion are not valid anymore..! However, threats of urban poverty are more likely and further destructive..
Egyptian "Urban Lobbyists" had created a distinct culture, which many middle-eastern nations had copied, and further excel.. Property is a market known for secrecy, which enables monetary greed to grow.. Urbanity is synonymous for the Excellence of Living.. Urban poverty is not measured by building quality, but by Tenants Quality, which is not only the GDP share, but scores at MGDs.. Egypt sharply slumps, despite the generous donations and loans.. despite the fantasy homes on the desert..!!

Most officials of Egyptian urban developments are known for their corrupt processing, which had wasted tens of billions during the last 50 years.. Many tycoons had merged from ordinary businesses, construction related or otherwise..

On parallel, Egyptian civic bodies are "discretionally" short of empowerment to stand guarding the codes of practice and standards.. They had evolved their professional roles into politics and transformed into ladders for public offices.. Academics have no feet on the Egyptian development arena, unless needed for cosmetics and decorations.. It is a noisy question about scientific seriousness, integrity and efficiency..!

Egypt, the most populous and historically urban Arabic nation, had influenced both formal and common mindsets among the 400 million Arabic speakers.. The grown media and academic institutions had exercised patriarchy on other Arabs, despite declining economics and deteriorated urbanity.. Inevitably, Arabic bureaucracy had been infested by the early waves of migrant professional workers, who had unintentionally copied their Egyptian inheritance elsewhere.. Yes, Public offices everywhere are known for favoritism, uncreatively and slow, yet when combined with the underdeveloped scenes; it creates toxic mix for urban opportunities and solutions..

If Egyptians live on only 4% of the Egyptian soil, they can spread else where within their one million square kilometers.. However, creating a "Capital Region" will be challenging for City Managers, whom are well known for their inefficiency and short-sighting.. In a way, there is a valid accusation of how short-slightness had infested the Egyptian intellectuality, with little medication..

By default, Corruption and Favoritism allow no excellence to urban structure, therefore, opportunists have no chance in diversifying the new urban profiles, but to profit from the complexity of the existing suffocated one..

Egyptian solutions should not be Satellite Cities, but independent cities and towns; where new demographic, economic and political opportunities would healthily grow.. It is not a matter to respond to public cries for opportunities within current congested fabrics, but leading the public towards sustainable and innovative solutions.. Healthy nations do not have that focal urban spots, but as many as possibly can.. This is the only way to balance the state and the people..

As usual; the happening in Egypt are great lessons for others to learn..

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