Monday, May 18, 2015

Hans Rosling...

Since the 1st time I heard him talking, I got the anxiety to follow this beautiful mind and person.. Hans Rosling is not just a brilliant statistician, but a visionary who successfully bring life to numbers and creates rationales of the irrationals..

Maybe it is about time to hear him talking about Sweden, Economics and Epistemia..

While values like equality, tolerance, and transparency may often be associated with Sweden’s reputation abroad, Rosling argues such values aren’t actually Swedish.

“There is no such thing as Swedish values. Those are modern values,” he says.

So how did Sweden make the leap to modernity from what Rosling characterizes as an “ugly” past?
“We were lucky,” says Rosling.

“Good economic growth, good public governance systems, and a strong civil society interacting with each other, all doing their part. That’s what made the difference.”
Part of the luck, Rosling explains, was having far-sighted business leaders who managed capital responsibly and were not “speculative”.

“They were industrialists who modernized Ericsson and Electrolux and the big companies in ways that fit the demands of the labour movement and people who wanted high salaries and high taxes,” he explains.

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