Monday, July 6, 2015

The Greek Engima..

Greece is country of 11 million, with 56% unemployment, yet its GDP per capita exceeds $21,000.. Greek economy is based at 81% on service, which includes the largest maritime fleet worldwide.. Despite many were cautious at 2001; on Greece subscription to the Euro Zone, the political vision could not grow without the land of civilization and history..

EU had heavily support the Greek economy, tell the overall debt exceed 170% of its $270 billion GDP.. Adding the IMF loans, Greece has to pay back about $700 billion; which will never rationally and mathematically happens.. Certainly, many hard working Europeans rejects the bleeding of their taxes for Greece, many felt anger for the "lazy" Greek survive and entertain themselves by the moneys of the European Tax Payers..

Therefore, none could understand, or comment; why the famous Greek Finance Minister had resigned, despite 65% success of the "No" vote..!

What was not told that Greek Economy has 25% shadows, and Gold stock exceeds the value of their GDP.. In addition, Greek Governments did not introduce any serious initiatives during the last 20 years to uplift and develop the economy.. Greek slipped to represent what Germany had during WWI times.. Yet Greeks enjoy Sun, Sea and Auzu..!!
This is the story, which many enthusiastic ones politically read as a struggle between mighty and weak nations.. The very naked truth, it is an economic  struggle between serious and lazy nations..!! 

Prosperity is never made by heritage, nor by dreams..

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