Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Silent Passive Irrelevant Majority...!!

Published on Jun 18, 2014
For years all we hear is that Islam has been 'hijacked' and that most Muslims are peaceful people:
And that matters to the 270 million people who have been killed in the name of Allah HOW?
They estimate that some 15 to 20 percent of all Muslims are 'radical.' Well here's a real news bulletin that actually has meaning:
Eighty Percent of All Muslims Are Not Muslims!
Enter Ms. Brigitte Gabriel.

It is truly interesting and useful...
All religions and schools of faith had radicals.. This is natural and accepted throughout history of Mankind..
The only new addition to the formulas of communicate, exchange and integrate; is the combination of money and powers, which became not only vulgar to morals earlier to the age of internet, but also became greedy than public senses of 1960th and earlier..

Therefore, both worlds (G7 vs others) became contradictive due to the inevitable paradox of development and evolution.. Both adores the other for different reasons.. Both hates the other for different reasons as well..

Technology had eventually widen the gap despite the so-called social media.. It is the cultural aspects which are torn or precisely deformed by rapid communications, exposure and imitations..

The curse of knowledge is the new germ that requires detailing, whereas our typical intellectual arrogance prevent the deep communications our ancestors had.. It is alike the fast foods..

This where religious and ethnic groups can't truly integrate, yet adore the other..!!!

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