Monday, February 29, 2016

No sex please, we're Japanese..!!

This article present an examples of the serious effort carried out by corporate to influence the public; of-course in addition to autopsying it.. On the other hand there are other examples of how a government would address the critical demographical matters, and how to plan and administer the balance to achieve the nations's welfare..

In late February 2016, Japan's census bureau announced that the country's population has experienced a net decline, with more people dying than being born, for the first time since the state started keeping these records in 1920.
The news of comes amidst regular news reports in Western media that Japanese people are having less sex than ever before. Some Western writers are even asking why young people in Japan stopped having sex.
How much sex are Japanese people having, anyway, and could having more sex help Japan improve its declining birth rate?

Daughter’s Selfie Goes Viral in the Arab World

The young woman who is reportedly from Algeria initially posted the photo on Facebook which shows her father wearing his garbage collector’s uniform. Along with the photo she wrote: “I am proud of my father who raised me, nurtured me and taught me”
Many children would be ashamed to tell others that their father works as a garbage collector, a job which is unfortunately seen as lowly by many communities around the world. This proud daughter shows that children should be proud of their fathers no matter what their job is (as long as they are earning a Halal income). Children should appreciate their parents who work hard to provide for their family and to give a good upbringing for their children.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

مثل العنب

مثل العنب
يحوّلني يباس الفقد
إلى زبيب أسود
و من فرط الشوق
أنكمش في حلاوتي

مثل العنب

أتعتّق في خوابي
و انتقاما لسنوات العزلة
أدوّخهم بكأس واحد

لطيفة بهيج