Friday, April 22, 2016

The Ghana of Rawlings...

He had wanted the six million Ghanaians to come to acceptable and honorable livelihood.. Jerry Rawlings was a typical literate of underdeveloped countries, who inevitably aligned to terms of socialism and communism.. Yet as a poor politically educated, he had spontaneously drawn the demise between all worlds and schools of politics.. Therefore, he had become the Peoples' Man across all Africa..

Rawlings had sailed with his country from the sever corruption of late 1970th into steadiness and growth of 1980th.. He had responded to the global political climate of 1990th, and stepped from office at dawn of 2000th.. Today's Ghana is diverse politically, economically and yet, stable..

Despite the long term in office, he had managed to create and deliver a uniquely stable country with diverse sociopolitical and challenging economic structures.. I guess he should be widely studied as a symbol of a third world leader, who never been apart from his natives..

Do his Scottish blood had an influence..?
A good question...............!!

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