Friday, April 15, 2016

UofK... of the Planet Sudan..!

بديك في المجمع اربعين مليونعلي الطلاق ولا راس مالو

Urban growth would inevitably change the urban history that citizens had used to know.. This is how cities evolve and grow.. Yet, in my "Planet Sudan", it is another element in the corrupt cycle of milking the poor country.. It should not be the matter of buildings or monuments, but the value added by regenerating them as per the constraints and opportunities of true and sustainable urbanity..
Certainly, a lab lab laa talk....!!

Sudan is a planet by itself.. similar to Planet Japan.. Therefore, I shall start calling it: Planet Sudan..!!

Ironically, some graduates of UoK had orchestrated this land deal..!!
They had already, and successfully; reshaped the Planet Sudan..!!
We have long stormy and fogy way to go..!

If UofK failed to produce graduates who intelligently understands how to preserve history (or a nation); then the land-deal is further legitimate, and no one would factually hear your cries..!

Lots of happenings in the Planet Sudan are emotional and extreme reflections of narrow views about the world.. We had been living in "national illusions" for so long.. Unless people awake to realities; awful political circumstances would shock them beyond expectations..

The typical cycles of rebellious intellectuals had seized the urban history of Planet Sudan since 1938.. Those who were unreasonably and irrationally fascinated by the Westminster, the Communism, the Black history, the Arabism and lately the Islamism had disintegrated the Nomadic nation, diluted the socioeconomic foundations and discolored the folklore; producing the current silly immature characteristics who would implicitly repeat the unprecedented Syrian imputation and destruction.. We covertly adore uniqueness..!

During the last few decades, all sovereign achievements were amazingly drained by the same graduates; which had made the world wondering of who these people are..!

Therefore, AlBashir had challenged the ICC; while many natives hide their shared enthusiasm and pride to stand against the world..!!

No one truly cares for the marginals; who the world does not care anymore.. It became a lost confusing case for the NGOs as well..!

Some believes that the buildings of UofK worth preservation.. No one of them had spared 30 minutes to read about Charters of World Heritage.. Few jump on the social media to protest or cry loud..

This is the typical Sudanese Intelligentsia..
Intelligent Narrow-ship.. Believe it of not..!

I shall not respond to any nonsense..
I do not believe in your "October" Uprising or Democracy..!

Only forgot to label them: "Alumni UofK"

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