Friday, April 22, 2016


The eating etiquette varies among nations; which reflects both strength and exchange of cultures.. The backbone of Human Legacy is how people inevitably learn from each other.. Therefore, while the oldest "Spoons" were found among the ancient Egyptian artifacts, the current Egyptian people are widely known for eating by hand...! 

History tells that Muslims at the peak of their civilization at 1100th, had used spoons for the soup; which was probably invented at their cold territories of Mesopotamia, Anatolia and Iberia.. This was an evolution use of the long known "Meat-Stocks"
The English royal utensil at 1500th had included only Forks and Knifes
Knifes were used among all nations, as an essential cutlery tool
Forks were historically known among Chinese, Europeans and Americans.

Generally, all Oriental and Southern cultures of South and Southeastern Asian, Middle Eastern, Arabs and Africans use their bear and thoroughly washed hands for eating.. Indians and the Arabs are the most famous ones, due to their proudly and traditionally cuisines and eateries..

However, Indians were different for the separate plate for each; while Arabs and Africans are known by the common plate.. Many of the "Oral-Infectious Diseases" are limited in India, due to their separate eating and water-drinking habits..
On the contrary, Arabs and African are known for these diseases..
Both follow their same etiquette till date..!

Eating by hand is not a praised etiquette, despite the many Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist who use and adhere to.. Certainly, poverty is not a question, as the cheap utensils are available everywhere.. It is more or less a "Cultural Comfort" fed by a "Cultural Protest".. Surveying where eating by hand currently exists, almost segregates national cultures between colonial and colonized..!

Despite the benefits of eating by hand, as promoted by Indians and Muslims, there is no true practical or theoretical support for the same.. On the contrary, the scenes would trigger disgusting and nuisance feelings instead.. Some natives would turn the eatery into a grace fest..!

Again, gender segregation during this grace-fest; separate between Indians and Others.. Despite the shared profile, Indians are more "handsomely-looking".. Therefore, males and females may fest together..!

Despite washing; no one dares to smell his own fingers; following such habit..!
Which is costly, producing soaps or distributing forks..!

A civilization Quest..

I personally maintain the early Muslim habit: Spoon is only for Soup.. Fork for all others; yet had been taught the Western way to hold the fork by lift hand.. As a Muslim, I strive not to do so..!!

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