Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Brexit 2016

It had started as a shocking political maneuver by the British PM against the far right wing of his Party.. No one had predicted that it will turn reality and create the chaos which will last for long.. It is almost alike a call for End of Time..

The domino chain ignited and no one would be able to stop it.. UK will pay hard against the arrogance of the political establishment with its sincere servant in the public and private media.. 
British got confused rather than focused on the principle picture: The Future..

In few hours the FTSE had lost more than 120 billion ponds, which would cover the cost of EU membership for many years..

The demographic analysis of the voting perfectly show how the old generations had hacked the future from their own kids and grand-kids..
18-24: 75% remain
25-49: 56% remain
50-64: 44% remain
65+ 39% remain

However, this political earthquake is another proof of how Democracy would ruin the civilization rather than strengthen it.. The idle 70% are big weight for the 15% to battle.. In this battle, media are the cavaliers, the beneficiary and the entertainers..!

After closing the polling stations, the British commons start searching what EU means..!
Does this the civilized democracy to imitate or incorporate..?

Yet, the miraculous British Legal and administrative system allows for a life saving cushion in the ruling of optional 2nd referendum if the majority is less than 60%

UK Scientists Could Lose $1.4 Billion Annually after Leaving the EU

Science authorities in the United Kingdom are now worried that the country may lose up to $1.4 billion annually in science funding that flows from the European Union. The unprecedented nature of the UK's decisive referendum to leave the EU means that British universities could experience sever shortfalls in staffing and research funding.
According to Nature, "UK universities currently get around 16% of their research funding, and 15% of their staff, from the EU," and a majority of professional scientists were opposed to leaving the EU. The science journal has profiled responses from British and American scientists on the topic of the Brexit, finding confusion, worry, dismay, and little optimism for the future of British science. 
It is not only science funding that is at stake because of European funding pools. Britain may lose out on certain funds as a direct result of its withdrawal from the EU if the Brexit stops the free movement of people to and from the country — a fundamental freedom on which the EU is premised.
As Neil deGrasse Tyson explained, "What is certain is that innovations and investments in science and technology are the engines of tomorrow’s economic growth."
Discouraged by the prospect of dry funding pools and uninviting immigration systems, promising foreign scientists could decide to forgo an attempt to establish themselves in Britain. Brain drain of this kind was recently unthinkable in a nation as cosmopolitan as Britain, but as "Leave" campaigners coalesced their message around worries about an immigrant influx, nativism became a rallying cry for many Britons who wanted to leave the EU.
Another American scientists, NIH director Francis Collins, explains the ways in which recession had adversely affected scientific research in the US. Were the British economy to falter similarly, opportunities for scientists would similarly decline:
ccording to the British daily newspaper The Guardian, Nobel prize-winner Paul Nurse said Britain’s scientists would have to counter isolationism if UK science was to continue to prosper: “This is a poor outcome for British science and so is bad for Britain,” he said. “Science thrives on the permeability of ideas and people, and flourishes in environments that pool intelligence, minimises barriers and are open to free exchange and collaboration.”

Hours after Britain voted to leave the EU a petition for a second referendum is already gathering pace - so much so, it’s causing the government’s website to crash.
The 48pc of voters who wanted Britain to Remain are signing the online petition in droves, demanding there is another poll because of how close the result was.
EU supporters aren’t giving up despite the referendum result, but their efforts are sure to prove futile.
Some 114,000 people have already added their name - meaning the petition WILL be considered for debate in Parliament.

Set up before the full result was in, the petition reads: “We the undersigned call upon HM Government to implement a rule that if the remain or leave vote is less than 60pc based on a turnout of less than 75pc, there should be another referendum.”

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