Thursday, January 26, 2017

Land of Punt

Many archaeological proofs were found in Somali region 
The Somali Pharaonic Identity is proved ! 
Many Egyptologists used to say that the Land of Punt ,located in Somali region ,was the birthplace 
of the Ancient Pharaohs ,their ancestral homeland

They simply succeeded to accommodate what the Sudanese failed to, 
despite distance and geographic's..
We have a serious intellectual pitfall in the Sudan 
Unless resolved, we shall stay doomed by the Don-Quixotism

In Sudan:
We hate the academic term Egyptology
Despite the fact that the term Sudan is relatively recent

We challenge the Egyptian civic service
Despite it had factually build the Sudan

We denounce the Egyptian intellect
Despite how our strategic security is structured by Egypt

We distant our selves from Egyptians
Despite how many families and dynasties are genetically Egyptians

We curse Egypt in almost everyday
Yet at any day, more than 5 millions Sudanese are resident in Egypt

We always threaten Egypt to cut off the Nile-water supply
Yet, no one asks what shall we do with this waters..?

We claim grown up that Egypt should not big-brother
Yet, we celebrate their support and got offended by their neglection

Plenty of Psychic syndromes..!

Mystery Eyes

In Dubai, many profiles, personalities and trends had used to live together
Yes, among the 220 nationalities, Indians dominate the scene

I love roaming around the downtown, at the end of the business day
Observation of the faces and eyes will tell endless stories about Dubai
Abut humanity and the distended challenges

Our eyes had met for a moment
I drive my SUV.. She walks.. in opposite directions

I had received thousands of words in such a moment
Confusing, mysterious and contradictory vocabularies 

Either she was searching for a savior
or looking for a customer

I do not know..!

اضطراب ستوكلهم

اضطراب ستوكلهم 
 مجموعة من الاضطرابات النفسية التي تصيب الإنسان نتيجة تعرضه لخطر، إلا أنها تولّد شعوراً بالتعاطف مع مصدر الخطر، حيث يبلغ هذا التعاطف حد رغبة الضحية بإنقاذ المعتدى من العقاب،او تقديم مبررات لكن ما هي الأسباب التي تدفع الضحية إلى ذلك؟
 الخطف ك مثال
أول الأسباب أن الرهينة تشعر بخطر داهم ومفاجئ بداية الأمر، ً، لكن بعد فترة يجد أن الخاطف يقدم له أسباب الحياة، كالطعام، والشراب، بل و أحيانا العلاج، ثم يبدأ الشعور بارتياح تجاه بقائه على قيد الحياة بعد مرور وقت من الاختطاف، حيث يفكر الشخص الواقع في الأسر، أن المختطف قادر على قتله منذ اللحظة الأولى ليثبت جديته ، لكنه لم يفعل، فيفسر ذلك على أن المختطف لا يريد قتله، بل يعتبره منحه فرصة جديدة للحياة. العامل الأكثر قوة؛ أن مصدر الخطر يتغير من وجهة نظر الرهينة، خاصة بعد أن يتأكد من حسن نية المختطف، ليصبح تدخل الشرطة واقتحام المبنى، هو مصدر الخطر الأكبر بالنسبة إلى الرهينة؛
كما يرتبط هذا النمط من التعاطف الغريب بطبيعة الخاطف
علماء النفس استخدموا الظاهرة دي لتفسير خضوع الشعوب للظلم و سكوتهم عليه.وتعاطف المرأة التى تعيش فى مجتمع ذكورى مع المتحرشين مثلا 
بان تعطيهم اسباب لقيامهم بالتحرش او قيامها بالدفاع عن زوجها مثلا اذا ضربها او تقديم مبررات لة 

Stocklhm disorder
 A group of mental disorders that affect humans as a result of exposure to risk, but they generate a sense of empathy with the source of danger, with a passionate desire to end the victim rescued the victim of retribution, or justification, but what are the reasons that drive the victim to that?
 Kidnapping as an example
The first reason is that the hostage is danger ahead and sudden beginning, but after a while find that the hijacker give him the reasons for life, such as food, drink, and even sometimes the treatment, and then start feeling comfortable about his survival after the time of the abduction later, where he thinks Indeed, the person in the household, that the hijacker is able to kill him from the first moment to prove his seriousness, but he did not do, Vivsr so that the hijacker does not want to kill him, but he considers him a new lease of life. The most powerful group; that the source of the threat is changing from the standpoint of the hostage, especially after making sure of the good faith of the kidnapped, becoming the intervention of the police and the storming of the building, is the greatest source of danger for the hostage;
This pattern is also associated sympathy strange nature of the hijacker
Psychologists used to explain the phenomenon de undergo peoples of injustice and silence Alih.otatef women living in a patriarchal society with harassers, for example, that give them the reasons for doing molesting or doing to defend her husband, for example, if you hit him or provide justifications