Thursday, January 26, 2017

Land of Punt

Many archaeological proofs were found in Somali region 
The Somali Pharaonic Identity is proved ! 
Many Egyptologists used to say that the Land of Punt ,located in Somali region ,was the birthplace 
of the Ancient Pharaohs ,their ancestral homeland

They simply succeeded to accommodate what the Sudanese failed to, 
despite distance and geographic's..
We have a serious intellectual pitfall in the Sudan 
Unless resolved, we shall stay doomed by the Don-Quixotism

In Sudan:
We hate the academic term Egyptology
Despite the fact that the term Sudan is relatively recent

We challenge the Egyptian civic service
Despite it had factually build the Sudan

We denounce the Egyptian intellect
Despite how our strategic security is structured by Egypt

We distant our selves from Egyptians
Despite how many families and dynasties are genetically Egyptians

We curse Egypt in almost everyday
Yet at any day, more than 5 millions Sudanese are resident in Egypt

We always threaten Egypt to cut off the Nile-water supply
Yet, no one asks what shall we do with this waters..?

We claim grown up that Egypt should not big-brother
Yet, we celebrate their support and got offended by their neglection

Plenty of Psychic syndromes..!

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