Monday, May 22, 2017

The Sudans........!

The unknown and unpopular pitfall of Obama was enforcing the complex politics to partition Sudan.. a Replica of the famous 1949 Subcontinent partition.. This was meant to destabilize the Nile valley; using religious and ethnic claims; then enable Israel for the economic and politics upper hand on the region.. The Israeli focal point was Egypt's socioeconomic resources, led by surplus of sweet waters that Sudan is not using.. 

Creating Southern Sudan meant a new entity that was widely assisted by Israelis, and funded by USA.. It was not meant to prosper, but to freeze Egyptian projects to increase water supply from Lake Victoria.. Similarly, Israeli helps Ethiopia to build an unnecessary dam to reduce water supply to Egypt as well.. 

Southern Sudan was created as disfigured, orphan and disable to be a country by itself.. Many would reject my analysis, but it is the proven facts that continue to glow and grow.. Lately, some Southern Sudanese politicians had called to reunite with Sudan..!! 

Certainly, it will eventually and inevitably happen..

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