Thursday, June 8, 2017

Meddlesome Priest

Most of my career life was in public service, which was enriched by being in Dubai whereas collection of professionals and executive from various cultures and backgrounds were contributing to shape the tiny yet very effective and successful civil service. In addition, my engineering mindset, project management training, and contracts passion had combinedly shaped my understanding and awareness of how authorities plan, function and been audited. Procurement and sourcing of things had open my realization of the deep nature of enterprising and trade off characteristics.

Therefore, I was always, and will continue to be a wandering fan of the public investigation deliberations since the queries on Mr. Clinton, 9/11, Gulf war, 7/7, Robert Murdoch, Beni-Ghazi, and lately Trump’s. In short, it constitutes the reasons of Western Supremacy as functional states, which keep them resilient and standing despite the number of weird trends and politics on ground. This is what was meant by the term Civil Service, whereas nations will amazingly continue to function, evolve and prosper.

We all use the term of Law and Order, yet very few understand the true meaning and magnitude of it. Equally, talking about Office Integrity, Protocols, Ethics which draw the demise between sustainable states, struggling and failed ones. It is not about how much a Public Servant is paid to keep hands clean, but about how to stay trustworthy to hold an office. Despite the scholar understanding that justice is blind, Democracy gives it eyes, arms and consensus.

The basic dilemma is centered around building the right consensus among Public Servants; which generally conflicts with the inevitable patriarch, greed and ego aggregates within our set-up. This is what programs of public administration and good governances are structured to enforce and strengthen. It became a reality that without such consensus, it is hard for nations to sustain any progressive functionality. Therefore, the gap is increasingly growing between the worlds: who progress and who de-progress. In our 3rd world, we earn degrees not epistemia, celebrate events not matters, and chew social media not the media. This is why there is no 2nd world.

Comey’s Hearing had raised serious question about governance, following a decade of mocking politicians for monopolizing public trust or stupidity. Yet, following the deliberations can provide the depth of political career, where serious intelligent questions were raised compared with few dumb twists were also fired. Critically, the queries were about the extent of interpreting clue given by a Boss to direct actions. This is commonly known within all organizations and Senior Executives.

Comey had dropped a reference to Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury who was killed at the casual request of King Henry II in the year 1170. “It rings in my ears as kind of ‘Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?”, The line is a reference to King Henry II, who was often at odds with Becket and angrily floated the idea that someone should do away with the “meddlesome priest,” a line that basically operated as a death sentence and inspired his followers to kill Becket.

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