Friday, August 4, 2017

A Leader Called Obama

The history has always witnessed great influential men, who had led the humanity into different horizons.. Obama was certainly one of them.. It will take a while for researchers to agree on the essences of his leadership, and the road-map he had drafted for all politicians to come.. Yes, he is a US phenomenon, but crossed the borders to reach each little house worldwide..

I do know how he had endorsed the US Strategy to grow radical Islamist group and orchestrated the foreign policies to preserve US monopoly over critical resources, past, present and future.. USA is a strong institutional state, whereas democracy allow limited powers for the POTUS to dictate his personal views; till Trump successfully proves that there are many backdoor and ways to navigate within the thresholds among institutions..

This is always the legacies of the governing systems, that none is ideal.. Yet, Obama was one of the unforgettable leaders

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