Wednesday, July 7, 2010

That Magnificent Girl; Gill Hicks..

I remember the first interview she had on a BBC documentary on the first anniversary of 7/7 boobing.. I was amazed by her unique strength, her open mindness, her bright eyes and vision for the future.. I remember the incredible meeting with her rescuers.. How passionate it was.. how sincere.. how telling we are just humble weak creations in this vast universe, yet some of us are too narrow minded to feel it..!!
I'm grateful for Sarah Joseph of EMEL; who on behalf of all righteous Muslims, had managed to interview her, and explore the beautiful depth of a pretty and amazing young English woman..
“I think for me, what I found the most extraordinary was waking up in the hospital and looking at my arm bracelet. On it, very clearly it read: ‘One Unknown.’ And that said a lot to me. No one knew I was Gill. I think that the sense of being loved as a stranger by other strangers has protected me.”

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