Thursday, January 13, 2011

Latitude 22..

Hotline between Lattitudes 10 & 8, with potential hotspots 2011

Most of the people think that Abyie issue is a fight over oil.. Yet it is not..!

The British administration of Sudan had set Latitude 22 as border between Egypt and Sudan, which resulted in the conflict of Halaib.. Also they set a border between Northern and Southern Sudan as buffer between Latitudes 10 & 8.. These are the famous themes of colonization history of Sudanese.. Along the line were an still many hotspots, which had been resulted from the confrontations of cattle-owner-nomadic tribes on their access for water and steppes.. The British administrator knew how defuse the clashes, yet lift it as time bombs for the national ones to deal with.. Certainly they failed big time along the 55 years since the independence..

The potential hotline; which will be triggered by the clashes on “unmarked” cattle between Arabic... Messsiriya and Nilotic Dinka-Nojok.. and Northern Sudan control on crude export for the coming 10 years..

I guess there are more pessimism on the near future of both Sudanese States..

Many local and regional parties will ignite instabilities with their aliens and covert ops.. Abyei will witness bloody crazy fight within few months.. and Southern Sudan will have to compromise with Northern Sudan on always-renewed list of demands..!!

Solutions are handy and never been “Rocket Science..”

Developing local centers for civic services and infrastructure is not a costly for population of one million in maximum count.. Apparently, the famous civic service of Sudan is not only idle from management and controls, yet incapable to think or invent ideas..!!

Few hundred millions of US Dollars are enough to put an end to those clashes.. It is all about digging new shallow water canals; which will work as borders among the tribes.. Topography and hydraulics are all in favor of such solution.. yet, politicians prefer the lengthy route..!!

Lastly, the sensitive issue of political interests and bilateral relations between Sudan and all neighboring countries is not only subject to their fair interests in the Sudan, but mainly triggered by the Sudanese deep understanding, acknowledge and exercise rational themes of national security.. Which we as Sudanese have weird perception for what does it mean..!!

Famous late chiefs of Messeriya and Dink-Njok, who share the same way of life..

Some Geopolitics are essential to get hold of the Abyie issue..

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