Saturday, October 11, 2014

Malala & Education

Certainly; Malala Yousafzai (1997) did not write her own thoughtful speeches nor organized her own global campaigns.. Her dad, the owner of “For-Profit” School chain is incapable either, nor her “in-house traditionally-hostage” mother.. In Today’s world; it is a norm that any celebrity in any field will find fundraisers, promoters, organizers, bodyguards and researchers to help and enable the (any) person to excel and grow as a “Rock-Star”.. It becomes a multibillion business across the world..
I’m not a fan of Malala story, because it is too much mature (and complex) for her young age.. Therefore, it is never meant for her generation or for the youngsters, but for business leaders and politicians to “showcase” the mightiness of new corporate mindset of innovation, and “bully” the outdated ideological and radical groups to lower their (resilient) arms.. Apparently, we all have to surrender to the powers of our man-made evils and antichrists.. None of the today’s (amazingly brilliant and digital) school pupils will accept her martyrdom for humanity, yet they will have to “sink” in the overwhelming media circus..
Thankfully; Malala did not speak on behalf of Islam or Muslim; as her case was “plotted” to be global and Westernized..

The “Education” is currently one of the most lucrative business and enterprise.. The global education market will size of US$6.3tr in 2017.. Within this, educational technology and English language teaching are predicted to be the fastest growing markets.. It is estimated at the trinity level to incubate more than 1,574 million pupils by 2015, with 10% in “For-Profit” schools world-wide..
If a proprietary school's offerings were truly valuable; if they filled some niche that traditional public and private non-profit educational institutions did not; then surely 10% of their students would be willing to pay completely out-of-pocket (A 90-10 Rule)..
Ironically, the underdeveloped countries, whereas public education (with average of 2% of GDP) sucks and sinks below the standards; have more “profitable” education than others.. There are a growing "socio-politically ambitious" Middle Class, who allow for 20% of their earnings for kids schooling and education..

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