Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Reasons to Adore a Lebanese Woman..!

Well; my life journey confirms the same..!!
Yet, they are a bit discomfortable with people of colors..!

Aside from being among the most beautiful in the world, Lebanese women are loyal and very well-opinionated. 

#1 They’re Family-Oriented

A Lebanese woman will almost always be family-oriented. In a culture where the family is important, you will notice it in Lebanese women. The idea of marriage and children won’t scare her away but instead, she’ll most likely encourage the idea.
lebanese woman

#2 They’re Beautiful

Lebanese women are honestly blessed with natural beauty. Yes, they take care of their looks but she can just walk out with no makeup and messy hair and she’ll beat most contestants at Miss Universe.
lebanese woman

#3 They’ll stand by you

A Lebanese woman is a loyal one. You don’t have to worry if she’s with someone else when you’re not together. She has your back and won’t stop you from wanting to achieve your goals. She’s the best partner to have.

lebanese woman

#4 They take care of their looks

Just like Lebanese men, a Lebanese woman knows how to take care of her looks. She knows how to properly put on makeup and fix her hair. And chances are, she takes care of her body more than you do.

Lebanese women

#5 They dress well

Lebanese women are quite stylish. They know how to dress for any occasion, be it for a wedding, a date or just to get something from the convenient store… she’ll look like a model.

lebanese woman

#6 They’re Smart

Lebanese women are not just some trophy chick to put your arm around. She’s well opinionated and educated. She’ll challenge you and probably win. She’s quite independent so don’t expect to get your way most of the time!
lebanese womann

#7 They can cook

This is truly a blessing for any guy who has the privilege of dating a Lebanese woman. None of that basic toast sandwiches. We’re talking actual food… the best kind.. Lebanese food! Chances are she’ll know how to make a killer tabbouleh! But you better be ready to help her!
lebanese women


#8 Family

She has her family behind her. Do anything to piss her off and expect a visit from her father, brothers, uncles, cousins, her cousins’ cousins and the neighbors – and that’s after she’s done teaching you a lesson. 🙂 (Just a warning… you don’t want to mess with her)

Audience Submissions:

#9 Generous

Lebanese women are quite generous. They won’t always let you cover the bill and will often insist on covering her own meal and even yours. She’s generous with her time and affection as well. You’ll get back what you give her, a hundred times over.

#10 Strong-willed

Lebanese women are strong-willed and strong-minded. Don’t expect to always get your way because she is quite determined to get her’s. Chances are, she will win.

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